Custodian360 stops and kills Ransomware in seconds

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What Custodian360 does for your Business
Managed Endpoint Security
Custodian 360 Demo AVR
Custodian 360 Demo AVR

Detects all threats

Custodian360 uses powerful behavioural analysis for threat detection ensuring nothing slips by.

Implement our leading managed endpoint security system & detect threats in real time.

Custodian 360 Demo AVR
Custodian 360 Demo AVR

Completely Protects Your Network

Silent monitoring of the kernel space provides protection from known and unknown threats.

Custodian360 protects against threats in real time using state of the hard behavioural analysis, managed by expert security technicians dedicated to your business.

Custodian 360 Demo AVR
Custodian 360 Demo AVR

Automatically Repairs Damage

Automated and manual remediation with zero touch is seamless and virtually instant.

Even in the case of the most advanced Zero Day attacks, the Custodian360 managed endpoint security solution can repair and rollback any infection or intrusions.

Custodian 360 Demo AVR
Custodian 360 Demo AVR

Instantly Recovers Ransomware Data

Custodian360 can return encrypted files to their pre-encrypted state in seconds.

Our managed endpoint security system is the most advanced ransomware recovery solution on the market.

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