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What We Do
Our Core Services

IT Security and Mobility are complex markets and looking after our customers is AVR’s No.1 priority


Threat Protection

All businesses and organisations will be hit by a cyber-attack at some time.  Having the right protection to minimise damage and continue operation is vital.  AVR offers expert, no-obligation advice on the best solution for you.

Mobility Solutions

Ensuring mobile devices remain effective, secure and productive within an organisation can be time consuming and costly.  AVR’s proven mobile device management expertise can take your mobility to a new level.

Managed Security

As your business grows so does the necessity to more effectively manage your network, endpoints and data, keeping your organisation safe and productive. AVR’s Managed Security solutions will help you prosper without increasing overheads.


The firewall is an important first line of defence, controlling and monitoring access to your network.  Choosing the best firewall solution for your business is critical.  Let AVR review the most effective options for you.
Our Approach

Our end-to-end approach means that when it comes to IT Security and Mobility you can be sure we have your needs covered.

Analyse and Evaluate
Our Analyse and Evaluate service ensures we fully understand the challenge you’re facing so we can identify the best security solution you need. We always start by asking ‘Why?’ – why do you need this IT network security service or solution and ‘What?’ – what’s the real issue you’re trying to solve? By starting with the right questions, our clients often find answers which better suit their needs.

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Configuration and Deployment
Our experts will set your security system up quickly and correctly, either directly or through our network of partners, getting it right first time. From same-day installation to bespoke turnkey solutions, our IT security specialist experts are trusted by many leading brands, so you can always be sure your system and solution is safe with us.

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We offer tailored consultancy for every IT Security product and solution within our portfolio. Our priority is always to help our customers get the most from their solution. So whether you just need advice or are looking for more in depth support, we can develop a bespoke consultancy package that is right for you.

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Helpdesk Support
AVR helpdesk support is like no other helpdesk service. As well as providing 2nd and 3rd line technical support to your internal IT team, we can also offer 1st line support to your end users through your own dedicated helpdesk.

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Managed Services
When it comes to managed services, at AVR we don’t do one-size-fits-all. We know that whoever you are, and no matter how big or small your project or company, the service you need will always be different. This is why our end-to-end managed services are always bespoke, always tailored and always trusted.

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New Tech Solutions
With cyber-attacks growing in number and sophistication, threat protection and mobility solutions must become more flexible and adaptable. AVR evaluates each new solution, examining its features, benefits and effectiveness in line with comparative solutions. Only those solutions that that offer the most effective protection and support are offered by AVR.

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Proof of Concept
Proof-of-Concept is about allowing you to test drive the IT Security and Enterprise Mobility Management solution you think you need to make sure it really delivers everything you expect. At AVR we pride ourselves on our proof-of-concept approach, centred on delivering multiple options properly set-up within your environment.

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Planning and Design
At AVR planning and design is a collaborative process. We work with you to make sure we understand every inch of your network. As well as giving us the insight we need into how you work to best tailor the solution to your needs, this approach also enables us to become an invaluable extension to your IT team.

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Project Management
Our Dedicated Account Managers will manage your network security project from start to finish. From analysing and evaluating your needs through planning and design to implementation and configuration, we can provide a complete turnkey solution or a bespoke package of services, depending on your needs and internal expertise.

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Training and Knowledge Transfer
For your IT staff to perform to their best ability they need to properly understand the solutions they’re dealing with. This is why at AVR we offer in depth training and knowledge transfer workshops either onsite, virtually over the web or in the classroom.

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Our Solutions

AVR’s comprehensive range of IT security and mobility solutions will keep your networks, data and devices secure and productive.

2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, two step verification or TFA is an extra layer of security that requires not only a password and username but also something that only the user has known to them.

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Commonly known as Anti-Virus, this vital security software scans files and folders on your device for recognisable malware characteristics.

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Data Loss Prevention

DLP solutions ensure that your data remains yours.  If a file has been analysed in advance by DLP, the network administrator will be advised if someone is attempting to share it with others or externally.

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Data Protection and Compliance

Keeping sensitive client or customer data and your company’s intellectual property safe and secure is a major priority for all organisations, regardless of size.

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Device Control

Helps to protect sensitive your data from falling into the wrong hands through removable storage devices, which can be specified by individual serial numbers.

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Email Security

Protect your network from mail-borne threats such as Malware, Phishing Attacks and links to suspicious websites. Email Security solutions can be based at various points on the network.

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Add an extra layer to your IT security with an encryption solution that makes accessing valuable data impossible without the right authentication.

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Firewall Protection

Firewalls enforce access controls, managing and monitoring data as it moves through the network.  Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) can analyse what packets of data contain.

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Intrusion Prevention

Working alongside the Firewall, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) intercept all incoming traffic, making sure no unwarranted intrusions slip through the net.

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Link/Load Balancing

Link and Load Balancers help to manage the flow of traffic to ensure even splits on all internet lines.  This guards against any downtime and keeps your business working at its optimum level.

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Managed Endpoint Protection Security

Defending your business or organisation from cyber-attacks has never been so challenging. New malware variants are being discovered all the time with the routes of attack multiplying with each connected device.

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Mobile Device Management

MDM is the term used to describe the administration of mobile devices including smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktop computers.  MDM keeps employees using mobile devices productive and compliant with corporate policies.

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The use of mobile devices in business has changed the way organisations operate, but how can you be sure mobility is giving your company maximum benefit?  AVR can help you to enjoy more benefits from your mobility.

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Pen Testing

With all the news about cyber-attacks and data breaches, businesses will either be confident they are sufficiently protected, worried they are about to be attacked or maybe they are turning a blind eye? Pen Testing could be a good way forward in any of these situations.

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The recent growth in Ransomware has been dramatic and all businesses, regardless of size are open to attack.

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Security Information & Event Management opens a window into your network, enabling you to monitor, analyse and report on traffic.  A SIEM will also add an extra layer of security intelligence by correlating suspicious login activity.

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Virtualisation Security

Along with security for physical servers and desktops, virtual ones need it too.  Predominantly Anti-Malware products, these solutions protect virtual entities which are becoming increasingly more common.

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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is focusing on identifying and analysing software vulnerabilities before they pose a threat.

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Web Security

With employees surfing more and more and visiting an increasing number of websites, web sites, analysing the sites users are visiting and protecting against any potential malware is an important function.  AVR can advise on the best solutions.

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