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The recent growth in Ransomware has been dramatic and all businesses, regardless of size are open to attack. By limiting or blocking users systems or files and demanding the payment of a ransom to unlock, cyber criminals are able to spread malware through a variety of means via compromised or malicious websites, delivered via email or can gain access via exploit kits into vulnerable systems.

The insidious nature of Ransomware prompts an emotional reaction. Someone is stopping you from gaining access to your property and demanding you pay them for the privilege, so to combat this form of malware a solution is required that can prevent the attack and protect the valuable data.

AVR believes that you should Never Pay The Ransom and there are a number of IT security software vendors who offer protection against ransomware via a range of different methods, so you don’t have to! You may currently have layers of threat protection within your network and may just wish to add another layer to help you combat ransomware. If so, AVR can assist you with the right solution. Alternatively, you might want to consider a comprehensive, single vendor solution that provides all-encompassing protection.

From the options that AVR has evaluated, we believe SentinelOne offers the most effective solution. Using behavioural detection, SentinelOne will identify advanced malware, exploits and live attacks. SentinelOne will protect, detect and respond, providing full Endpoint protection. SentinelOne can then ‘roll-back’ using shadow copies of data files so your data is safe. SentinelOne can replace your current antivirus software or work in association with your existing AV. For more information take a look at our SentinelOne Partner page 

We also invite you to watch this brief AVR Ransomware film to see and hear our views on the best way to manage this malware.

Find out how AVR can help you manage and defeat Ransomware. Get in touch for no-cost, no-obligation help and advice. We can organise a simple product demo that will show you how you can get total protection. Call AVR on 01189 344 300 or email

For businesses with less than 200 endpoints, you could consider a Managed Security Protection Service through Custodian360. Designed specifically for smaller organisations that have limited IT resources, Custodian360 guarantees the security of your network and data, leaving you free to manage your business.

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