Mobility Managed Services

How are you managing your mobiles?

55% of those who took part in a recent YouGov survey said they couldn’t get through a meal without checking their mobile phones.

With 95% of UK 16 to 54 year old’s owning a smartphone, our mobile devices have become indispensable; keeping us in touch, improving productivity and helping to squeeze more into our busy lives.

It’s the same for businesses and organisations, where mobile technology is critical to success. The downside is the time and resource required to keep mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, the internet of things, etc – productive and secure. Without constant, professional, mobile tech expertise, deriving maximum value with total security can be a real challenge.

AVR’s Mobility Managed Service is the answer. A full service portfolio with a return on investment that delivers increased productivity, a secure network and reduced overheads.