Most businesses now rely on mobile devices to assist with communications and help improve productivity.  But how safe are they?  Many cyber attacks target mobile devices, so how confident are you that your mobile security is resilient and you can repel attacks?  Are the key decision makers in your organisation asking the right questions…and getting the best answers?

Whether you are considering implementing a mobility programme or have one established now, there are five essential mobile security questions that you should ask within your organisation to ensure your data and network are safe and compliant:

  1. Are the mobile apps on our employees’ devices a threat to our security?
  1. Are employees installing iOS and Android apps from unknown sources?
  1. How many iOS and Android devices on our network have been jailbroken or rooted?
  1. Are MDM’s sufficient for securing everything on our mobile devices? 
  1. Are our employees putting sensitive data at risk by using their own mobile tools,?

AVR advises many organisations on the best options to manage mobility and security matters to ensure they remain secure and competitive. We are highly experienced in Mobile Device Management, running major programmes for leading names in the Retail, Automotive and Services business sectors. You can read more about our work here.

We work with leading software vendors in mobility and security, one of which is Lookout Mobile Security.  Lookout’s Mobile Threat Protection is an exciting, new security solution for your mobile workforce that is getting a lot of attention.  Using predictive security to identify hidden connections  that might be missed and designed to defeat evolving mobile threats, you can read more about Lookout here.

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Why Mobile Security Matters

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Hundreds of corporates rely on AVR for their security and mobility advice.  If you want to know more about Lookout, talk to us. AVR can also organise your product demo or free, no-obligation trial.  Call us on 01189 344 300 and speak to one of our friendly AVR Account Team members or you can email us here.