Carbon Black

As the world of cyber security evolves, the endpoint has become the new perimeter. New and emerging attacks are beating traditional, legacy defences, and security teams are too reactive and held back by their current, outdated technologies.

Carbon Black leverages the power of big data and analytics to solve the challenges surrounding endpoint security. With Carbon Black’s innovative Predictive Security Cloud platform, they can deliver a new generation of cloud-delivered security solutions designed to protect against the most advanced threats.

Carbon Black Predictive Security Cloud

The Predictive Security Cloud is Carbon Black’s converged endpoint protection platform that delivers next-generation security and IT operations services through the cloud. By using big data analytics across all endpoints, the CB PSC can make predictions and provide protection from current, future, and unknown attacks.

Over 3700 organisations across the world rely on Carbon Black for their endpoint security and their solutions have been highly rated and recognised as leaders by industry analysts and publications.

If you are interested in hearing more about Carbon Black or receiving a free demonstration of the solution in action, contact AVR on 01189 344 300 or email

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Businesses with less than 200 Endpoints will find that Custodian360 offers comprehensive protection against known and unknown cyber attacks and malware threats.

This subscription based service is particularly effective for smaller organisations with minimal IT resources.  Custodian360 guarantees protection with its total cover, which will:

  • Kill malicious processes
  • Quarantine malware and infected files
  • Disconnect infected Endpoints from the network to prevent lateral spread
  • Alert your IT Security personnel via email
  • Immunise all other protected Endpoints on the network against new, never-before-seen threats
  • Report and escalate
  • Provide regular, ongoing board level reporting

To learn more about Custodian360 and request a personal demonstration of how Custodian360 detects, protects and repairs, call 0118 214 1860 or visit www.custodian360.c0m.


Starting life as a pioneering anti-virus protection solution, ESET has now evolved to offer world leading threat protection across a range of vectors, growing into a global brand with over 110 million users in 200 countries.

ESET works across all sizes of business from 5 to 25 users in a small business, 25 to 100 for a medium to large business and 500 plus for enterprise customers. Its solutions cover Endpoint Protection including Mobile and Tablet Protection, Data Encryption, Multi Factor Authentication, Data Loss prevention, Network Traffic Analysis and Data Backup & Recovery. ESET can also cover Server Security, covering Files, Mail and the Gateway.

With Remote Support, 5 Star reviews and Remote Management capability, ESET offers high performing, cost effective threat protection.

For a free, no-obligation demo of ESET in action, call AVR on 01189 344 300 or email


Foresite’s testing and assessment services help organisations identify unknown vulnerabilities in their critical business systems that may have gone undetected, underestimated, or overlooked. Security testing isn’t just a good business practice — it’s a mission critical component of a sound security approach.

Foresite’s team of accredited security consultants are experts in cyber security and compliance. They will work closely with your in-house teams to create secure infrastructures and find existing vulnerabilities in your current systems. Foresite analyse every aspect of your data security and recommend changes that help your company protect itself against potential threats.

Vulnerability and Penetration (Pen) Testing is all about reverse engineering the way that a potential attacker might target your system. Foresite use the same tools that hackers would use to pinpoint areas of vulnerability and gain access to your network. Once they have identified a weakness, we take steps to help you close those vulnerabilities and safeguard your business.

Ideally, Pen Testing should be carried out each year to ensure your business network and data are secure. Speak to AVR on 01189 344 300  about organising Pen or Vulnerability Tests for your organisation.


InteliSecure provides Penetration (Pen) Testing and Security Assessments to help organisations identify and quantify their information security risk.

Using controlled, simulated attacks across a range of vectors, Pen Testing can discover how intruders may gain access to a network and a company’s valuable data.

InteliSecure acquired the well known Pentura organisation in 2015 and added Pen Testing and Security Assessments to its portfolio of Threat Protection, Data Compliance and Governance, Security Strategy and Incident Response solutions.

AVR works closely with its Partners to offer a knowledgeable, experienced, professional consultative service on all information security matters to our customers. Pen Testing and Security Assessments are critical elements of the service AVR provides in helping businesses maintain a high level of security.

For further information on Pen Testing, please contact AVR on 01189 344 300 or email is here.


Thomsonlocal is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the UK with over 30 years of experience connecting tens of millions of customers and suppliers daily.

The security team at Thomsonlocal decided to work closely with AVR to evaluate their options around End Point Security as the assessment had been made internally that legacy systems were fast becoming unfit for purpose.

There is a plethora of End Point solutions in the market place currently and we simply don’t have time to test them all thoroughly. We trust the technical capabilities of the AVR team and trusted that they would put forward only the very best solutions to address the changing needs of our business in the digital age.

Key to the implementation were:

  • A Modern approach to Protection, Detection and Remediation
  • Detection rates – The existing solution was missing growing numbers of threats
  • Detection methods – Signature scanning is fast becoming old hat and does not detect new advanced threats like memory based exploits.
  • Comprehensive expert support with leading SLA times.

Following this collaborative approach Thomsonlocal chose Custodian360 as their New Managed End Point Protection Service.

Built on the Sentinel One platform and managed by the team of experts at Custodian360 it is a service that backs itself 100%. Custodian360 offers unmatched detection, mitigation and remediation capabilities in one single agent all backed up by the C360 teams’ many years of experience in End Point protection.

“Custodian360 provides us with a truly next generation End Point solution which saves us time, money and most importantly protects robustly from Ransomware and all methods of threat” Says Steven Denver (Infrastructure Support)

“I would highly recommend Custodian360 to address your End Point protection and remediation needs. The roll back functionality is exceptional and the levels of support from Andy, Kevin and the team from pre-deployment  right through to production has been excellent”

Big Hand Dictates new Cloud Backup Strategy with Druva


BigHand provides digital dictation, task management, and process optimization solutions to companies across the world. Headquartered in the UK, BigHand has over 150 staff members worldwide and helps more than 2,500 client organizations improve the efficiency of their operations across the legal, finance, healthcare, and property markets.

The company manages global support operations as well as running offices in multiple countries. The effort required to support demanding customers across industries and locations creates a lot of data, which all has to be stored. With a traditional tape system that was not meeting their needs, the BigHand IT team was looking for different options to protect this data.

Abs Vyas, IT Infrastructure Lead at BigHand, was leading a project to consider what should replace the old tape implementation: “We know that we wanted to move over to an online backup solution for our production data, as the time to recover from tape was too long for our requirements today,” he said. “At the same time, we have extremely strict security requirements to consider around our data too.”

Replacing Tape With Cloud-Based Data Protection

Key to the new implementation were the following criteria:

• Time taken to manage backups—the overhead to manage data backup had to be low, with easy-to-use management tools

• Recovery location—rather than only being able to restore to the same physical tape system, more flexibility and options for recovery were required

• Security—any solution had to be fully secure with data encryption and have the secure transfer of data built-in

• Efficiency of network traffic—the new solution should have minimal impact on daily operations and provide full management support for scheduling backup windows to manage network traffic volume

The IT team at BigHand decided to engage with AVR to evaluate their options around online backup and data recovery. “There is an abundance of software out there today that claims to be secure, fast, reliable and well made,” says Vyas. “From a reseller perspective, AVR played a key part in helping us complete our research over several months and pick the right solution to meet our criteria.”

Following this collaboration, BigHand chose Druva Phoenix as its new data protection service. “Druva provides us with a simple and secure service to move our production data to a data protection platform,” says Vyas. “Phoenix was easy to install, and the management is both highly configurable and easily administered from one place. The reporting side is really strong as well as it tells you exactly what you need to know through clear graphs and meaningful annotations.”

Moving Data Protection to the Cloud

Druva Phoenix provides cloud-based backup for servers and virtual machines, unifying data management tasks such as backup, disaster recovery, and archiving in one solution. As part of the product, Phoenix includes source-side global deduplication of data, reducing the volume of data that has to be protected and shrinking the storage footprint considerably. In turn, this reduces costs for BigHand.

“The bandwidth used by the product is pretty low, and the configurable storage deduplication is amazing,” explains Vyas. “In practice, we are getting around a 2.5 times reduction in storage footprint, which is phenomenal for us.”

With the completion of the implementation at BigHand, the IT team has successfully migrated from tape-based backup to a central, cloud-based backup and data protection service. The results from this have already been impressive, according to Vyas: “We are now less worried about backups. And all that time previously spent on managing tapes has been released back to my team and we were able to de-commission the tape system. I now look forward to error-free online backups, and great support if I ever need it. From a business point of view, having the ability to restore to another location is great, as we now don’t have a single point of failure in our backup system.”


Thycotic prevents cyber attacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints, and controlling access for over 7,500 customers worldwide. More than 180,000 IT Admins use Thycotic software every day, with the solutions protecting more than one million endpoints.

Thycotic’s solutions include:


Secret Server, which creates a fundamental security layer – managed from a single console – to protect against cyber attacks that use these privileged accounts to strike at the core of the enterprise. Available in on premise or in the Cloud.  View the Thycotic Secret Server video here.

End User Password Reset Server, which provides simple, self-service password management to free up IT help desk staff from time-consuming and inefficient processes, and enforces stronger end-user password controls.

Take a look at the Thycotic Enterprise Password Management Software video here.


Privilege Manager for Windows & Unix, which provides advanced security to manage application rights with a combination of privilege management, application whitelisting, unix command whitelisting, and real-time application reputation and threat intelligence.

Local Security for Windows through delivering comprehensive endpoint security by managing Windows local group membership for business and admin users, and enforcing policies to remove administrator rights from unauthorised accounts.

Security Analysis Solution for Windows, which identifies security configuration issues using Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) profiles, and remediates misconfigurations automatically.

Group Management Server, which empowers non-IT personnel to securely manage their department’s Active Directory Groups without assigning them a privileged account.


EPAS Suite, which provides an unmatched combination of Secret Server, Privileged Manager for Windows, and Privileged Manager for Unix that enables you to control privileged accounts, restrict privileged access on servers and clients, and improve users’ ability to run approved Windows applications.

For more information on Thycotic solutions, contact the AVR team on 01189 344 300 or email us here.  A full range of Thycotic and AVR Datasheets can be viewed by checking out the Thycotic Resource page.


BlackBerry is one of the world’s best known brands, with a reputation based on the reliability and effectiveness of its mobile handsets.  However, with the trend to other types of smartphone, BlackBerry devices became less fashionable and BlackBerry refocused its attention on its operating system and software, which was seen to be extremely secure, being used by governments and security agencies.

As the world develops increasing numbers of connected devices, The Internet of Things is growing at a phenomenal rate with billions of sensors, trackers and other devices that businesses use within their operations. All of these ‘Things’ will need to be protected and secured so BlackBerry has launched a solution called BlackBerry Secure which addresses the entire enterprise from endpoint to endpoint with a mobile-native, cloud-enabled approach to security.

In addition to holding more than 80 security certifications, BlackBerry recently ranked the highest in all six use cases of Gartner’s “Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management” report. Their security heritage is leading to an enhanced product line. BlackBerry UEM (formerly BES12) provides the granular control and visibility that IT administrators need to secure all endpoints, along with the flexibility to support a wide array of productivity and other business use cases. BlackBerry Dynamics (formerly Good Dynamics), delivers a foundation for secure enterprise mobility by offering an advanced, mature development platform and container for mobile apps that prevents data leakage. BlackBerry Workspaces, formerly WatchDox, lets workers share, edit and control their files on every device with the highest level of security due to embedded digital rights management (DRM) protection in the files.

If you currently have a mobility platform in place or considering one and are looking at mobile device management, then call AVR for an informal chat or no-obligation advice on 01189 344 300.


Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks offers a single source for securing all of threat vectors, including email, websites, web applications, mobile devices, and network performance – whether on-site or in the cloud.

With a strong heritage in email and web security appliances, Barracuda’s award-winning portfolio includes more than a dozen purpose-built solutions that support every aspect of the network – providing organisations of all sizes with true end-to-end protection that can be deployed in hardware, virtual, cloud and mixed form factors.

Barracuda’s portfolio includes:

  • high performing next generation firewalls
  • web security gateways
  • web application security
  • email security gateways
  • back-up and disaster recovery
  • archiving and information management
  • server and link/load balancing
  • access control

AVR specifically works with Barracuda on Email Security, Firewalls and Link/Load Balancing projects.  For more information in these areas or any aspect of threat protection, contact the AVR Account Team on 01189 344 300.