Future of the Firewall

In the beginning our original Firewalls were pretty simple things; they controlled ingress and egress for our networks and combined basic stateful inspection with simple NAT translations. This brought some issues to a network admin but this rarely extended past the need to allow active FTP.


Why Beacons?

Beacons are devices that communicate with a shopper’s smartphone in the hopes of improving the in-store shopping experience.


Public Cloud Server Security

With the increased popularity of cloud based infrastructure McAfee have announced a new suite to help with the hybrid onsite/offsite integration of security management, mainly focused around Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


Tablets as a Service (TAAS)

Why staff tablets?

  • Streamlined business process.
  • Increased brand engagement.
  • Cross sell and up sell.
  • Reduced queues during busy periods.
  • Empowered employees.
  • Personalised shopping experience.
  • Increased conversions with mobile payments.
  • Greater inter-departmental communication and connection.

Why customer tablets?

  • Digital merchandising.
  • Self service
  • proximity marketing.
  • Development of new and immersive mobile experience.
  • Mobile Point of sale.
  • Encourage shopping across multiple channels – online, in-store and mobile.
  • Check Stock.
  • Capture usage and data.
  • Store guidance.
  • Concierge service.

Our Service – Tablets as a Service

  • Application development.
  • Device provisioning.
  • Branded peripherals.
  • Installation.
  • Remote Management.
  • Analytics.
  • Operational and technical support.
  • Beacon and digital signage integration.

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