Antivirus software has been protecting computer systems since the 1980’s and has helped to keep millions of businesses operating effectively.  Nothing lasts for ever so the saying goes and over the past few years the view that antivirus is dead has been widely promoted.  The main cause for these pronouncements has been the rise of new or next generation malware, including the infamous Ransomware, which evades detection by traditional antivirus.

If your organisation has deployed antivirus and has not suffered from a malware attack or data breach, taking a decision to ditch your existing AV, in which you have made considerable investment, is a major decision.  What if the replacement solution is not as effective as you were led to believe?  How do you deploy and manage the new solution and add on new endpoints or devices?  Does it work with your mobile device estate?  These are all relevant questions and the answers will very much depend on your business and organisation, how it’s structured and operates and your plans and goals for the future.

Next Generation Endpoint Protection is the term wrapped around the new type of solutions that work by monitoring behaviour as opposed to recognising malware signatures, as does traditional AV. Dynamic behavioural analysis will pick up new types of malware, whereas signature based software works effectively with old malware variants, many of which are still in existence.

There are numerous IT security software vendors offering solutions that will monitor, identify, stop and neutralise cyber attacks and data breaches.  Many are extremely effective, some less so. Selecting the right one or combination of products that sits well in your organisation can be time consuming, intense and require an extensive knowledge base.  AVR can do this job for you. We are threat protection experts and can analyse your existing systems, processes and status and provide options on the best solutions that work for your business.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution just as there is no one-form-of-cyber-attack, as AVR knows from delivering thousands of solutions to hundreds of businesses over the last 15 years

So don’t ditch the AV just yet.  Call AVR on 01189 344 300, send an email to or complete the contact form below.  We will be delighted to listen to your concerns and give you our thoughts without obligation to purchase.

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