AVR Be My Valentine

Take a look at the headlines on any news media at any time of any day and you could be forgiven thinking that the world has fallen out of love. War, politics, cyber attacks, religious hatred, sexism, racism and so on. Bad news sells newspapers as they used to say. Mid February gives us the opportunity, just for a brief moment, to share the love, albeit in a slightly manufactured way.  St Valentine’s Day mostly benefits flower sellers and chocolate manufacturers, but it does remind us that expressing love is no bad thing and at AVR, we have decided to embrace the emotion too!

Cynics may say we are just trying to sell more threat protection solutions and promote our skills in mobile device management. Granted, we hope any activity keeps our profile visible but realistically this is just a nice opportunity for us to say thanks to our customers for their support and by including a free competition, one lucky winner will enjoy a delicious meal at a Bill’s Restaurant.

To enter, all you have to do is to visit our AVR Be My Valentine page and answer the question:

‘Which milestone birthday did AVR celebrate in October 2017?’

The answer can be found on the AVR web site. Winning answers will be gathered together and one will be drawn to receive the prize.

Good luck!

And if you do happen to be interested in threat protection or managing mobile devices, contact AVR by calling +44(0) 1189 344 300 or visiting www.avr.co.uk.