A brighter office outlook for the AVR team!How many of us gaze at beige office walls in corporate buildings across the globe, seeking inspiration or enlightenment?

AVR’s lovely, modern office in Twyford is no different to many others and for MD Helen Hall, it needed something with a bit of personality to provide uplift on those grey or challenging days.

So conversations and meetings with the Graffiti Kings crew led to a weekend office graffiti makeover that has given us blue skies, an exotic beach landscape, a Nemo inspired undersea panorama and a kitchen wall street art mural complete with AVR Minions and a skateboarding cat!

When we next talk to you about IT security solutions, renewing your cyber attack protection software or managing your company’s mobile devices, we should have a little more lift in our voices.

You’re very welcome to come and visit and see our new artwork for yourself any time!

AVR's office graffiti make-over AVRAVR's office graffiti make-over AVR AVR's office graffiti make-over AVR AVR's office graffiti make-over AVR