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In today’s world of text speak, instant messaging, emoticons and emoji’s, less is more!  For most people, mobile phones are the primary form of communication and their use within business is now ubiquitous.  As capable as mobile devices – smartphones, tablet devices, laptops – are at easing communications and improving productivity, if there is not structure and control to their usage, there is a risk that they can open the organisation to a cyber attack or data breach, particularly if the mobiles are the employees own as in BYOD – Bring Your Own Device.  So businesses need TBH – To Be Honest and KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid! No offence!

Allowing your staff or colleagues to bring and use their own devices into the workplace has a number of advantages, least of all the cost saving to the business in not having to purchase the hardware or contract.  Establishing a structure so that users understand how their mobiles and their apps can be used securely within the organisation is vital.  A key element of that is the process for accessing, using and managing company data and information, ensuring compliance, an effective Mobile Device Management programme is essential.

The reality is that anyone can start using a device on a network with very little effort.  So the organisation needs to be able to monitor the network and identify all the devices connected to it.  Once identified, the user can be provided with a link that leads to an MDM profile being created and the user agreeing a formal usage agreement.

Now you’re probably thinking this sounds like a lot of work and process but if you install a sophisticated MDM platform, such as IBM MaaS360 you can take comfort from the functionality it provides.

Maas360 delivers comprehensive management with strong security controls across users, devices, apps and content to support any mobile deployment.  Used by thousands of organisations, Maas360 is the definitive mobility management platform to enable secure productivity and data protection.


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