Define Your BYOD WFH Strategy


Date: 07 July 2020     Time:   10:30  – 11:15  BST   Venue: Online – Go To Webinar

Back in 2011 companies bought their first iPads and got them connected quickly. The productivity gains meant that the days of Blackberry were numbered, being replaced for an iPhone. Then came the MacBookAir to replace that slow heavy steam-powered laptop. And so, starts BYOD.

These devices may not be under the corporate control to the same degree as a domain joined Windows device. There is also the issue surrounding an individuals privacy which always needs to be respected.

With a long history in Mobility, Alistair Mutch (Founder of MobileIron UK) will walk us through example deployments of BYOD in this current WFH climate. Some successful and some not-so, so what are the key considerations?

Alistair will discuss:

#   MDM, EMM or UEM – What do these mean.

#   Define BYOD, how to make it work quickly.

#   iOS, Android, Mac OS-X and Windows 10.

#   What’s different about a company iPad?

#   Considerations for Support.

 Is there a cost-benefit generally?

#   How should I engage the staff?

#   What rules apply to Enterprise devices?

 Once WFH finishes do I continue with the program?


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