Reducing risks against compromised credentials, accidents and cyber threats.

As the IT Landscape evolves one of the biggest challenges to businesses today is the Cloud. Whether it is gaining visibility into cloud assets or understanding the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations within the infrastructure, traditional methods are no longer enough to deliver the necessary visibility and insight, businesses need a complete picture of their cloud risks, in one robust platform.


Cloud has accelerated at pace and concerns have grown among security professionals. Businesses today are widely distributed, devices and users are everywhere so with cloud comes uncertainty, which ultimately creates hesitation and fear. Before embarking on a cloud migration ‘lift and shift’ project, businesses must fully understand their networks and applications to determine how to provide functionality, resilience, and security for cloud-deployed applications and systems. There’s no shortage of options on the market so how do you choose? What are the implications of such a project?


Cloud migration brings great opportunities to businesses, fast-tracking their ability to scale up, reduce costs and be agile. However, with the accelerated adoption of public and hybrid cloud, the risk to modern infrastructure is that every human and non-human identities have excessive privileges. Managing these high-risk privileges and protecting the businesses critical resources across your hybrid or multi-cloud environment is of the greatest importance. How do you take back control of these privileges quickly without impacting on the businesses operations?


Storing or processing personal data whether in the cloud or not means that business of all sizes must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, there have been significant new requirements for businesses that process personal data. A key principle of the regulation is that businesses must follow appropriate technical and organisational measures.



We can evaluate your internal cyber, UEM and cloud landscape to enable us to fully understand the challenges your business is facing. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience that can be shared with your team whilst having the agility to easily and quickly implement the right applications which are key to protecting your business.


Education and Awareness are the utmost importance within cyber UEM and Cloud, volume and velocity of data are one of our greatest challenges within a business, we will be vigilant on your behalf, whether it’s informing and educating on the best fit solution or the consultancy support, you’ll always be in the safest possible hands.


Speed is key. How damaging a technical downtime on your endpoints or a cyber-attack comes down to the management of the processes before, during and after. Poor response undoubtedly creates a bigger crisis. AVR’s robust strategy and our consultant’s knowledge makes sure the correct steps are taken at each stage, whilst some incidents cannot be predicted we work with our customers to align response strategy within the organisation’s frameworks.



74% of enterprise suffered a breach due to a stolen or compromised privileged account.
(Source: Centrify)



83% of firms had cloud incidents due to immature security practices these can be due to human errors and vulnerabilities.



56% of users have weak/reused passwords
(Source:2018 insider threat report)


The New AVR

With a new direction comes a fresh new look and feel. We’ve invested a huge amount of the time in understanding the key features of each product and solution, whilst using our knowledge and insights to match these to our customer’s requirements.


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