‘Protect your endpoints’ is the key message from all the IT security experts and with good reason. With all of us having so many devices – mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc – the cyber attack or data breach threat is broader than ever and this fractured approach works in the cyber criminals’ favour. Many solution providers claim to have a product that can defeat or prevent an attack but few can claim total protection. One that can is McAfee©, arguably the most recognised IT security brand and market leader in Endpoint Security.

Most businesses and organisations have a form of anti-virus and firewall in place and although they are efficient at stopping the traditional ‘signature based’ threats, today’s more advanced ‘behavioural malware’ requires additional protection. These threats to your network, endpoints and data can come from many directions – viruses, trojans, worms, phishing emails, unsecured web sites and wi-fi, unauthorised network access and malicious or accidental insider activity.

So the strategy for some companies is to bolt on additional solutions for specific threats. Whilst this is effective, it can require additional resources and costs to manage and administer the various interfaces.

Complete protection with McAfee Endpoint Security AVR

With a full range of solutions to provide in-depth defence, McAfee, which recently achieved a 98.89% NSS Labs Security Effectiveness Rating, can deliver a powerful level of complete protection, with customer friendly real-time management. Consider these features and benefits:

Real Protect                      

  • Machine learning behaviour detects zero-day threats now and in the future

Endpoint protection for targeted attacks                             

  • Encounter to containment in milliseconds. McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange collects intelligence enabling instant communication with all security components

Intelligent, adaptive scanning

  • Adaptive behavioural scanning bypasses trusted processes and prioritises suspicious activity

Advanced anti-malware protection

  • Protects, Detects and Corrects malware fast across multiple devices and operating systems

Proactive web security

  • Ensures safe web browsing with protection and filtering for endpoints

Blocks hostile network attacks

  • Integrated firewall protects endpoints from a broad range of malware, advanced threats and suspicious web connections

Actionable threat forensics

  • Fast, comprehensive reporting of threats and infections

Centralised management

  • McAfee ePO platform provides true centralised management for greater visibility, improved productivity and cost reduction

 For a limited period, in association with McAfee, AVR offers a complimentary IT security health check to help you with planning your threat protection strategy. Complete the form below to request yours.

If you are a current McAfee user and running an earlier version of ENS below 10.5 and would like to migrate, we can assist. AVR’s in-house technical specialists can talk you through what is involved with the migration.  Again, you can request a call using the form below.

Complete protection with McAfee Endpoint Security AVR

We’d also love you to join us for a fun event we are running in association with McAfee at the 99 Comedy Club in central London on Thursday 24th May. Join us for great food and drinks followed by one of the Club’s legendary stand-up comedy sets!

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