Got a mobile data strategy for the mobile devices in your business?   You love the benefits mobiles bring, but are you increasing risk of a cyber attack?  How do you balance the two?  Can we help with your mobile data strategy?

This was a dilemma for the National Accident Helpline.  They could see the opportunity that mobile devices would bring but were concerned about data security and did not have a mobile data strategy.  AVR’s Enterprise Mobile Management solution has provided a very effective solution, which you can view here.

Whether you understand the technicalities of mobile data security and mobile device management or not, choosing the best solution that is right for your business is vital.  There are numerous vendors with a wide range of solutions and identifying what is best for your business can be a complex combination based on structure, budget, resource, challenges within your market sector, implementation and management.  With experience from our extensive customer base, coupled with our knowledgeable, in-house technical team and AVR’s independent, unbiased, no-obligation, consultative approach, we can help you get it right.

Our FREE mobile IT security audit helps too!  What have you got to lose? Just call us on 01189 344 300 or email and we can schedule one for you. We’d be happy to help.