With the dramatic increase in cyber attacks, the growth in ransomware and the forthcoming GDPR regulations, the necessity for businesses to fully protect their networks, endpoints and data has never been so critical. This was the core of the messaging that Andy James of Custodian360 delivered to over 70 attendees at the First Friday Club network event at the Cote Brasserie in Reading on Friday 6th April.

Accompanying Andy at the event and chatting to delegates about their IT security were AVR MD Nick Kellaway and Custodian360 sales associate Caroline Kirk.

Custodian360 profiled at First Friday Club AVR

Custodian360 profiled at First Friday Club AVR

Andy covered the fact that most businesses generally have some form of anti-virus and firewall in place and whilst efficient at stopping traditional ‘signature based’ threats, today’s more advanced malware requires more capable protection. Custodian360, built on the highly praised SentinelOne platform provides not only the most complete protection available, but does it automatically, without any resource required by the business.

Custodian360 will continuously monitor your network, tracking and identifying suspicious communications, stopping and destroying malicious attacks, protecting your valuable data and information, leaving you free to manage and develop your business.

This is an ideal solution for small or medium sized businesses and we invite you to take advantage of a free, no-obligation demo of Custodian360 in action.

Call AVR on 01189 344 300 or email info@avr.co.uk and talk to one of our friendly advisers.