Thomsonlocal is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the UK with over 30 years of experience connecting tens of millions of customers and suppliers daily.



The security team at Thomsonlocal decided to work closely with AVR to evaluate their options around End Point Security as the assessment had been made internally that legacy systems were fast becoming unfit for purpose.

There are a plethora of endpoint solutions in the market place currently and we simply don’t have time to test them all thoroughly. We trust the technical capabilities of the AVR team and trusted that they would put forward only the very best solutions to address the changing needs of our business in the digital age.


A Modern Approach to Protection, Detection and Remediation. The existing solution was missing growing numbers of threats. Signature scanning was fast becoming old hat and did not detect new advanced threats like memory-based exploits. They needed comprehensive expert support with leading SLA times. Following a collaborative approach from AVR, Thomsonlocal chose Custodian360 as their New Managed End Point Protection Service.

Built on the Sentinel One platform and managed by the team of experts at Custodian360 it is a service that backs itself 100%. Custodian360 offers unmatched detection, mitigation and remediation capabilities in one single agent all backed up by the C360 teams’ many years of experience in endpoint protection.

“Custodian360 provides us with a truly next-generation End Point solution which saves us time, money and most importantly protects robustly from Ransomware and all methods of threat,” says Steven Denver (Infrastructure Support)

“I would highly recommend Custodian360 to address your End Point protection and remediation needs. The rollback functionality is exceptional and the levels of support from Andy, Kevin and the team from pre-deployment  right through to production has been excellent”

I would highly recommend AVR and Custodian360 to address your endpoint protection and remediation needs. The rollback functionality is exceptional and the levels of support from the team from pre-deployment right through to production has been excellent.