SThree is the parent company for organically-grown recruitment brands in IT, engineering and energy, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and banking, accounting and finance.

In the ultra-competitive global recruitment market, speed of information, relationships and quality contacts are paramount. Business often takes place after normal working hours. Hiring and retaining the best and brightest recruiters in an industry with high turnover is key to long-term success.



“Securing a top recruit or learning about an open position before the competition can be a matter of minutes,” said Garry Lengthorn, Director of IT Services at SThree. “Given the nature of the business, it is important to give our recruiters the tools to work where, when and how they want.”

Because sensitive information, such an executive’s curriculum vitae, are being shared and discussed, SThree must also ensure information is secure over the air and on mobile devices.

“Information is our currency,” said Lengthorn. “If it is lost or stolen, we lose our competitive advantage as well as put our reputation at risk.”

To provide secure mobile email, SThree gave a restricted number of employees company-owned BlackBerryTM devices. This worked for a while, but as new smartphones and tablets came to market, employees began carrying more than one device— their BlackBerries for work and personal devices for everything else.

In addition to limiting device choice, BlackBerry was also expensive to operate. SThree conservatively estimated that the total cost (device, license, support, management, etc.) of providing a BlackBerry device was £1,000 (USD $1,620) per employee per year. With approximately 1,700 employees eager to use mobile services, it was going to be a significant cost for the company to continue rolling out Blackberry devices.


To choose the best BlackBerry replacement, SThree turned to AVR, an IT security solutions company, to get their recommendation.

Understanding SThree’s need for mobile security, AVR recommended Good Technology over other products due to its secure container architecture.

“Because AVR had become a trusted advisor, we took their advice and began testing Good for Enterprise®.”

Good for Enterprise, now part of the Good Collaboration Suite, securely manages data and devices and accelerates employee productivity with mobile email, calendar information, contact details, browser access, task management and document sharing. The solution provides end-to-end mobile security with FIPS validated encryption for data in transit as well as data stored locally on the device. The Good server is also deployed behind the enterprise firewall using a single outbound port so security is not compromised by having to open new inbound ports.

The key difference between Good for Enterprise and other MDM solutions is its secure container architecture that separates personal and company data.



SThree currently has 1,300 employees running the Good Collaboration Suite on their personal smartphones and tablets. The Good deployment provides several benefits for SThree.  

BYOD Program Lowers Costs

One of the most powerful benefits of the Good Collaboration Suite is that it allowed SThree to implement a BYOD program. Because the Good secure container runs on virtually any device, SThree could let employees use their own devices.

“The Good solution allowed us to leverage the tremendous desire from employees to use their personal devices at work,” said Lengthorn.

Within the first three months of rolling out its BYOD program, all of the initial Good licenses were taken. “While we were hopeful for a successful launch, demand far exceeded our expectations,” said Lengthorn.

This success didn’t come by chance. SThree took a very serious and methodical approach to the development and implementation of its BYOD program. The IT team worked closely with finance, legal, and human resources to develop policies and processes that worked worldwide. They also provided Wi-Fi in all of their offices globally to support the deployment. If the employees chose the BYOD program, they agreed to pay for all of their mobile expenses (device, plan, service, etc.).

To help drive employee excitement for the BYOD program, the IT team implemented an internal demand generation campaign that included teaser emails, anecdotes from company executives as well as a countdown to the launch date.

The program’s success has significantly reduced costs for SThree because employees pay for their devices and service plans. The only expense for SThree is the licenses for the Good Collaboration Suite.

To further reduce costs and free IT’s time to support more strategic initiatives, SThree implemented a fully-automated provisioning system. When an employee wants to participate
in the BYOD program, he or she goes to the support portal and signs up for service. After the request is approved, an email is generated and sent to the employee with a key and instructions on how to download the Good software from the AppleTM app store. The employee then simply starts the app, enters the key, and begins using Good’s solution. When an employee leaves the company, IT simply eliminates all corporate data by remotely deleting the secure container from the device.

By using their own devices, employees can better work where, when and how they prefer. With the Good Collaboration Suite, employees quickly search, read and compose emails (the
 main mode of communication and collaboration with recruits, clients, and employees); review; manage contacts; and schedule meetings — all within a secure environment. This allows employees to get more done and be more successful at work while balancing the demands of their personal lives.

Email messages from clients with job specifications often come in over the weekend. With the Good solution, employees can now receive and respond to messages on their devices no matter where they are, eliminating the need to go into the office on the weekends to respond to messages that may or may not be there.

Given the success of the Good Collaboration Suite, SThree is looking to leverage mobile apps from Good’s ISV partners.

Good Technology’s approach solved our dilemma. All we are concerned about is securing and managing SThree’s data in the container, allowing employees to use their devices as they normally would for their personal lives. Now our recruiters have the peace of mind that they are on top of their work while preserving important quality time with their friends and families.