85% of UK businesses fear a cyber attack and 80% dread a data breach according to a recent BCI-BSI survey, but few are taking steps to plug the gap in their organisations.

The survey, commissioned by the Business Continuity Institute and the British Standards Institute and reported on freshbusinessthinking.com, reflects the situation that AVR is regularly seeing.  The high profile cyber attack to the likes of Sony, Talk Talk, the BBC, HSBC and others clearly worry many senior business managers but only a small minority are taking adequate steps to protect their networks and data from attack.

The reasons for this are a combination of a lack of awareness of the vulnerabilities of their data systems, poor knowledge of the range of solutions that are available and insufficient resource to identify, implement and manage the right solutions.  In many cases, the cost of purchasing software solutions is not an issue and is certainly not excessive when compared to the cost a cyber attack or data breach can cause an organisation, which can amount to £millions through loss of revenue and damage to reputation.

AVR believes a major challenge for businesses is selecting the right solution to purchase.  There are many vendors with excellent products but choosing the best one is not easy.  Every vendor will tell you their product is the best, but expert analysis must be made of a business’ network structure, user behaviour, type and number of endpoints to ensure the preventative measures purchased will nullify any threats.

So with over 400 customers and many years of experience in providing IT security and mobility solutions, AVR can help.  We take pride in providing the right solutions that will protect your business from cyber attack and help to give you the competitive advantage to succeed.  We understand the unique implications of each industry sector and will give you independent, no-obligation advice and a fast response to your request.

Sadly all businesses and organisations, large or small, are under threat and the attackers are becoming more sophisticated.  The solutions are available.  Get in touch with AVR now and there’s a good chance you won’t be the next business in the news for the wrong reasons.