Protect Against Complex Cyber Attacks

A Modern Approach to Protection, Detection and Remediation.

The threat within cybersecurity costs the global economy hundreds of billions every year and dealing with these threats needs a radically different approach. Businesses caught unprepared during a cyber incident stand to lose millions, AVR is here to help you counteract the threat and put you in the safety position. Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team of consultants will work in partnership with you to deliver the services that will remediate the risks within your organisation.

AVR does a lot more than just provide you with the right cyber security product. Our consultants provide flexible, scalable specialist advice for each security scenario your organisation faces. We take the time to understand your specific requirements to enable robust planning and implementation for cybersecurity programs to run effectively and efficiently.



One of the weakest links in cyber security is humans. Organisations need to find ways to empower users to defeat cyber threats; one of the most effective ways is through continuous awareness and training.

According to a recent report; human error such as misconfigured cloud servers, unsecured cloud databases, and improperly secured rsync backups were responsible for 43% of publicly disclosed misconfiguration incidents.

With the right tools and techniques to track and measure your employees’ progress gives you the power to protect not only your employees but your organisation from successful attacks.


We live in a world of fast-paced technologies – and the skills required to manage these technologies is a major challenge for every business, globally.

Our customers struggle with the internal skills gap, not just hiring the right people but also keeping them up to date and skilled with the changing technologies and threats. You could have the smartest workforce today, but if you don’t keep up with the technology, it’s a problem tomorrow.

Your team can benefit from outsourced managed support, training and knowledge transfer. For your IT staff to perform to their best ability they need to fully understand the solutions they’re dealing with. Therefore, at AVR we offer in-depth training and knowledge transfer workshops either onsite, virtually over the web or in the classroom.





Phishing attacks have cost business £9.5 billion in 5 years.


Phishing attacks have cost businesses 9.5 billion pounds over the past 5 years. By targeting users by email, telephone or text message and using the information to access important accounts and can result in identity theft and financial loss.

SMEs are getting hit by the same advanced attacks that target large organisations but to a bigger detriment. They need a security solution that is just as effective, giving security controls into a single interface. By using AVR’s advance testing platform we can quickly identify who’s at risk in your organisation.


The increase in malware now totally outstrips traditional AV’s industry’s ability to detect, protect and react to the threats. AV-TEST registers almost 350,000 new malware samples per day. Businesses need to be able to inspect all traffic and enforce consistently– on-premises, branch, mobile, cloud and always stay a step ahead.

AVR partner with Custodian 360 platform to continuously run a powerful and deep analysis of potential threat data, which is transformed into intuitive visualisations to help pinpoint the source of attacks and intrusions.






We can evaluate your internal cyber, UEM and cloud landscape to enable us to fully understand the challenges your business is facing. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience that can be shared with your team whilst having the agility to easily and quickly implement the right applications which are key to protecting your business.



Education and Awareness are the utmost importance within cyber UEM and Cloud, volume and velocity of data are one of our greatest challenges within a business, we will be vigilant on your behalf, whether it’s informing and educating on the best fit solution or the consultancy support, you’ll always be in the safest possible hands.



Speed is key. How damaging a technical downtime on your endpoints or a cyber-attack comes down to the management of the processes before, during and after. Poor response undoubtedly creates a bigger crisis. AVR’s robust strategy and our consultant’s knowledge makes sure the correct steps are taken at each stage, whilst some incidents cannot be predicted we work with our customers to align response strategy within the organisation’s frameworks.



Ransomware attacks are growing more than 350% annually.
(Source: Cisco)


A business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 13.275 seconds.
(Source: Cyber Defence Magazine)



75% of professionals believe there is a cybersecurity skills gap in the UK alone
(McAfee Hacking the Skills Shortage report 2019)


CWSI Invests £1M to Support UK Growth Plans.

A new investment of over £1M to support the planned growth of the business in the UK. This investment includes the creation of 25 new roles in the UK and Ireland by the end of 2022.


Reading, United Kingdom. 11 MAY 2021

CWSI accelerates UK growth with acquisition of AVR International for €5.2M



CWSI one of Deloitte Best Managed Companies 2021

Ireland’s most experienced modern workplace security and compliance specialist, is today announcing it has been named a Deloitte Best Managed Company for 2021.



CWSI Named First Irish Managed Security Service Provider to Join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association!

MISA is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions with Microsoft security products