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A newly identified serious mobile cyber security threat has just been announced. Dark Caracal is an advanced persistent threat, which targets mobile devices (#mAPT) across multiple platforms on a global level. Attacking major institutions including government, legal, financial, utilities, manufacturing and defence, Dark Caracal has compromised many devices, accessing hundreds of gigabytes of data, enterprise intellectual property and personally identifiable information from professionals and executives.

Discovered by mobile security experts Lookout in association with leading global civil liberties organisation Electronic Frontier Foundation, Dark Caracal has been traced back to Lebanon’s security headquarters and is one of the first known examples of large scale state hacking. Read Lookout’s executive summary of the security research report here: Lookout_Dark-Caracal APT exec summary

Dark Caracal could be utilised by cyber criminals anywhere across the world and all mobile users should ensure their devices have the latest versions of software installed and their operating systems are fully up to date.

Lookout’s mobile security platform is trusted by hundreds of millions of individuals and enterprises to provide the highest levels of defence. With a global sensor network to monitor threats, Lookout provides data leakage control, threat protection and proven risk reduction to allow productivity without compromise.

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