Data leaks and breaches, cyber attacks, malicious network offensives, GDPR, data protection, compliance and governance are all a threat to yours and your clients’ data.

Your data is your most valuable business asset and breaches could damage your reputation and credibility.  In the legal sector where confidentiality and discretion are fundamental, you cannot afford not to have the most comprehensive protection for your legal data, particularly if your employees are using mobile devices for their work.

Whether it is protecting against a cyber-attack or complying with new regulations you must ensure you have a comprehensive programme and systems to safeguard and manage your legal data.  The highly publicised ‘Panama Papers’ data leak of 11.5 million documents and the resultant exposure highlights the risk that legal firms must nullify.  There are a number of steps you can take and these are outlined in AVR’s recent blog post ‘Lessons to learn from the Panamanian data breach’.

Ensuring your threat protection software is right for your business structure is critical.  With an estimated 40% of data residing outside the data centre on endpoints and in the cloud, this loss of visibility and control is driving organisations into reconsidering how they manage information governance and business continuity. The award-winning solutions from Druva provide mobile and distributed data with a level of protection that over 3000 businesses and organisations rely on across the globe.

Druva provides solutions that collect, preserve and help to interrogate data stored on mobile devices and in cloud applications. It does this through the collection and preservation of data for the legal hold and data forensics process, enables data to be easily moved into eDiscovery platforms and maintains strong audit trails for chain of custody reporting.

In association with IT security and mobility solution specialists AVR, Druva is exhibiting at LegalEx on 11th and 12th May at ExCel London, where we will be presenting the fit-for-purpose Druva solutions to the legal community from Stand number L544 .

With fitness in mind, if you pre-book a meeting with us at LegalEx, you will receive a Free Activity Tracker!

Then you can keep a track of your own steps and activities in addition to hearing how you can track and monitor your valuable business data!

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