Keeping data and the network safe from cyber attack was one thing, now new data regulations such as GDPR add even more to the IT department’s task list.

Pressure from senior management, shareholders and customers to protect data, company reputation and minimise risk of substantial financial loss can result in IT executives installing draconian systems and processes that help to prevent a breach but then frustrate their work colleagues with impaired productivity.  The use of mobile devices in business continues to grow quickly and the number of endpoints will continue to expand rapidly.  These will all need managing carefully as sensitive data will become more mobile and accessible.

So consider Druva.  One of the fastest growing edge data protection providers, Druva is trusted by over 3000 global organisations on over 3 million devices, brining visibility and control to business information in the mobile and distributed enterprise.

To learn more about why Druva can be the ideal solution for your business, we offer you the opportunity to request a copy of the whitepaper ‘Addressing Data Governance Requirements in a Dispersed Data Environment’, or request a free demo of the Druva inSync solution. Simply complete the fields below and we will send you the whitepaper and call you to discuss your demo request.

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Druva - Addressing Data Governance Requirements Executive Brief

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