How to Successfully & Securely Increase Productivity


Date: 20 October 2020     Time:   10:30  – 11:15    Venue: Online – Go To Webinar

Employee productivity is critical to keeping your organisation moving. When a business is healthy, it is something that is rarely considered. With the extended guidance to work from home unlikely to change this year,  is now the time to consider the benefits of enabling mobile technology that can increase productivity on and off-site? What is the cost? How fast can you do it? What are the risks for the user? What will be exposed?

With a long history in Mobility, Alistair Mutch (Founder of MobileIron UK) will walk us through example deployments in this current WFH climate. Some successful and some not-so, so what are the key considerations?

Alistair will discuss:

  Identify which employee groups could benefit.

  Personal devices or corporately owned, what are the considerations?

  Can your current  UEM/MDM support this?

#   Identify which resources internally and how can SAAS be included?

#   Cost vs Productivity.

  Making it easy, so it is used more often.

  Does my business have internal skills and bandwidth?

  Once WFH finishes do I continue with the program?

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