Advanced, persistent threats and constant demands on your technical resource could mean that you miss the attack or breach that could cause severe damage to your organisation.

The HawkEye G integrated platform from Hexis™ Cyber Security will give you the protection you need before your sensitive data is compromised.

Meet AVR with Hexis at InfoSec at Olympia, London on 7th to 9th June and let us tell you more or sign up for our webinar on Friday 10th June. 

Very few effective Endpoint security solutions combine multiple detection methods that will improve visibility of networks and endpoints, verify and prioritise threats and remediate the problems. HawkEye G from Hexis Cyber Security protects by providing this comprehensive level of security and frees up the technical team from time-consuming monitoring exercises.

Proven with customers across the globe, including those in the Energy, Finance, Technology, Healthcare, Telecoms, Retail, Manufacturing and Government sectors, HawkEye G enhances detection with the newly released version 4.0, which now features network sandboxing, powered by a partnership with Lastline, together with a new cloud hosted solution.

The HawkEye G 4.0 version next generation solution integrates with existing security controls, offering these specific features:

  1. Detect…provides real-time detection of known and unknown threats, detects dormant malware and integrates with the Hexis threat feeds and customer-provided threat feeds to cover endpoint, network and outbound communication channels.
  2. Verify…that detected threats are actually malicious, leveraging security analytics to correlate endpoint and network activity and leverage threat intelligence feeds and other threat indicators for verification.
  3. Respond..utilises progressive mitigation countermeasures without impact to host performance, blocks outbound network communications for all devices and includes a full arsenal of countermeasures that can be automatically deployed or initiated by the user.

We would love the opportunity to tell you more about Hexis Cyber Solutions and the perfect opportunity is at the InfoSecurity Europe exhibition which takes place at Olympia, London from Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th June. You can register for FREE by clicking on the logo below.

We would love the opportunity to outline the features of HawkEye G 4.0 and demonstrate how the solution can keep your endpoints protected.

Alternatively, AVR will be presenting a Hexis HawkEye G 4.0 webinar on Friday 10th June at 11.00am.  This will outline the key points and provide an opportunity for feedback and questions.

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