It seems almost unbelievable that an organisation like Tesco can be cyber attacked…or does it?  A quick internet search will show you the scale of the malware problem so why do businesses and organisations take the risk of being unprotected, suffering financial loss and severe damage to their reputations, particularly when a simple, AVR IT Health Check could keep you safe?

For Tesco Bank, this breach could be disastrous.  Would you trust them with your precious money now?

Its not just Tesco, every business and organisation is vulnerable.  Whilst you would expect banks, financial institutions and those holding sensitive and confidential information to be rigorous with their data security, it shows that even the most sophisticated organisations can have vulnerable areas and weak spots that can and will be exploited by cyber criminals.

Whilst this latest high profile cyber attack should act as a cue to all organisations, those within the finance sector should take this as a blunt reminder of just how vulnerable and at risk they are.

Its not just the big boys either, organisations with a lower profile can be lulled into a false sense of security and believe they may be ‘under the radar’.  The reality is that smaller businesses may be seen by cyber attackers as soft targets as they tend to be less secure and as such, open to automated attacks which can quickly harvest sensitive and valuable data such as credit card data, valuable intellectual property and customer contact information.

So what are the important lessons to learn from this? Here are four of the big ones:

  1. Locate your data. Yes, this sounds obvious but can you honestly say you know where data resides in your organisation and who has responsibility for it? Start asking questions now.  Find out who has data in your organisation, how and when they are using it and how is the use monitored?
  2. Review your data policies. Let’s assume you have published data policies.  When were they established and are they still current?  Have all the responsible managers physically signed acceptance to the policies and how often are reviews conducted?
  3. Conduct a data audit. Realistically, you are too close to the organisation to do this yourself.  You need an external expert who can look objectively at how your business uses data and identify where the processes need reinforcing and if you need new solutions to support your growing business now and into the future
  4. Evaluate the new tech solutions. There are a number of new security and mobility solutions that will monitor, isolate, identify and remediate attacks and back up data.  Which options will work for your organisation?  Speak to independent IT security and mobility experts and find out what’s best for your business.

Now is the time to act.  Use this high profile breach to:

  • Push data security up the agenda
  • Reduce the risk of critical harm to your organisation’s reputation and financial well-being
  • Request an AVR IT Health Check.  This simple, no-obligation analysis that can be managed remotely could save your business, your reputation, your career.  Complete this simple form and we will contact you by return to set the health check up

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