Former Sales Director Joins AVR Cloud Practice


We are thrilled to announce that former Sales Director, Rob Billington has joined the AVR Team to head up our Cloud Practice, leading with the CloudKnox solution.

Rob comes with over 25 years’ experience of working with start-ups in the cyber security space, having held leadership and business development roles in his fruitful career. He brings a combination of technical and business aptitude to resolving customer challenges.

He has great experience in translating the technical benefits of new technologies into successful business results and looks forward to doing this with the award-winning CloudKnox solution for existing and future AVR customers.

CloudKnox represents a new approach to the rapidly growing problem around over-privileged users. The recent example of an internal error by a member of staff at Capital One taking out service indicates the risk present but often not openly acknowledged within most companies. The ever-increasing complexity of Cloud-based platforms combined with more partner companies, contractors, geo-political boundaries and a lack of staff training creates risk.

The increasing compliance requirement driven by legislation, compliance and shareholder engagement results in the need for tools that can constantly monitor and quickly react to the needs of IT whilst ensuring compliance is maintained. CloudKnox takes away the effort and complexity of traditional PAM solutions whilst delivering high visibility quickly.



I am enthusiastic about this opportunity for AVR in this changing sector. The PAM market has many products that over-complicate the delivery of this important service however with CloudKnox we have a disruptive next-generation solution to better address our client needs”. Said Rob “I see a fantastic opportunity here to make a real difference to the CloudKnox business for AVR and going forward I am certain that this can be developed into a strong business unit whilst developing other leading cloud security solutions.”

‘ I am delighted to welcome Rob to the team. I cannot wait to introduce him to our customers, where his knowledge and experience in this area will be invaluable’


To learn more about AVR’s Cloud Practice or if you’d like to talk with Rob about your business challenges please get in touch below.