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GDPR is coming.  Your business will need to show compliance with the regulations but avoiding damage to reputation is vital.  Lookout’s Enterprise Security is the solution.

The massive volumes of data held by organisations and the ability of almost anyone to access it anywhere, any time, has helped to drive the formulation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will formally come into being at the end of 2017.

This EU regulation will standardise the management, protection and use of data not only within all EU countries but with those outside the EU that are doing business within the Union.  Penalties for not complying with the regulations, including the reporting of serious data breaches within 24 hours, will be hefty fines of up to four percent of global turnover.

Whether you are pro-EU or not, this regulation will compel many businesses to get their data management in order.  With cyber attacks and data breaches occurring daily and every business and organisation a target, this will help those companies who up until now have taken a chance and not put in security policies, processes and systems to protect their vital data.  The news media broadcasts a new story every week of a breached, high profile organisation, examining how the hack was carried out and what the financial loss has been, which is often into the many millions.  This amount doesn’t account for the loss of credibility and trust that unfortunately goes along with a damaging cyber attack.

Protecting your business, network and data is not difficult.  There will be a cost but when balanced against the potential breach cost and subsequent fines from GDPR, in many instances, it will be a fraction of the total sum.  However, there is an important point beyond this.  A growing view is that to enhance credibility and to reassure customers, many businesses intend to go beyond the regulations with their protection policies to demonstrate how they are respectable guardians of their customer’s personal information.  They want not to be able to fix the problem after it has happened, but to anticipate or predict a problem and solve it before it causes any damage, thus avoiding the negative publicity and the financial loss.

One of the available security software solutions that is growing in popularity is Lookout Enterprise Security. Lookout’s products and services help large organisations to ensure compliance, defeat advanced mobile threats and enable Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programmes. Lookout’s Mobile Intelligence Centre will give you visibility across the entire database of apps, firmware and device models, enable deep investigation into mobile apps across geographies and with its App Vetting API, allow the vetting of home-grown or independent software vendor apps before employee distribution.

Lookout and AVR are hosting a webinar on Wednesday 30th March at 10.00am to discuss how Lookout can protect your data.  If you would like to join this webinar, please register below.

GDPR data compliance with Lookout Mobile Security AVR

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AVR would also be pleased to arrange a no-obligation product demo for you where you can see the benefits that Lookout Enterprise Security can bring to your business.

In addition, you can download the ‘Why Mobile Security Matters‘ whitepaper which makes a strong case for mobile security.  It asks five key questions that IT managers in business should be asking.  Download your copy here: Why Mobile Security Matters.

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