The UK really is a smartphone society…so now’s the time to get smarter with your mobile data security.

Ofcom’s 2015 Communications report confirms what most of us have suspected for a while that in the UK, the smartphone is the king of the connected device.

Two thirds of us now own a smartphone, overtaking laptop usage, by using it on average for two hours a day to browse the internet, access social media and shop online.

Undoubtedly fuelled by the rapid take-up of 4G mobile broadband, mobile devices are also being used on a grand scale for and by businesses. Despite this, many companies are not giving the same thought to protecting their mobile data security in the same way as they do with desktop PC’s and laptops.

Estimates suggest that mobile users are three times more likely to accept phishing attacks simply in the way they use smartphones, so in reality they need more protection.

So what sorts of solutions are available? The key ones to consider are those that protect against threats and control access to the data that is being accessed. These include:

There are many solutions from a wide range of excellent providers, but finding the best one to suit is a job for an independent expert who can balance technical expertise with intuitive, excellent customer service and proven experience.

AVR has serviced over 400 customers since springing into life 12 years ago. Now the likes of New Look, VW, BUPA, Bensons for Beds and Specsavers recognise and trust AVR to work with them to develop their requirements as their businesses grow and their customers adopt new ways of accessing their products and services.

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