Penetration testing

So if we are to accept as many of the information security experts are now telling us that cyber-attacks are inevitable on virtually every business and organisation then what are you going to do about it?

Data has become the most precious commodity and those companies that hold sensitive, confidential and personal information, which is pretty much everybody, are targets for the bad guys who want to trade or exploit it for financial gain.

We have in the past, talked about stopping or preventing attacks but with the new strains of malware, this is becoming much more difficult, so now’s the time to switch attention to detection and remediation.  However, before you can start to assess which solution would be the most appropriate for your business, you have to understand where the vulnerable or weak points are in your network. Simulating an attack with Pen Testing is the most effective way of identifying the gaps in your defences.

Your organisation can be attacked on a number of levels.  With some many endpoints and devices now in use by all of us – desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablet devices and the all-encompassing Internet of Things – we are open to attack through apps, email, web and more.  So before you build your wall, you need to know where the best place is to site it.

Pen Testing is a really effective way of helping you create a comprehensive threat protection plan. Pen (Penetration) Testing is where controlled, simulated attacks are implemented across all of the threat vectors to identify where hackers could gain access to your network.

These tests, run by experienced third parties, can be carried out quickly and produce a set of results that will show where your organisation is at most risk.  You will help to set the criteria and conditions for the tests and if you suspect that for instance, as in many cases that people may be a weak link, then the tests can be structured to test their resilience to phishing attacks or similar.

Once complete, your Pen Testing report can form the basis of your threat protection strategy and plan and help you to zero in on the right solutions for your business.

AVR works with three key Pen Testing organisations, Foresite,  Rapid 7 and InteliSecure.  Our much valued position as trusted information security advisers to many businesses and organisations relies on us giving the best advice and past results from tests run by our partners have been critical in our deliberations with our clients and customers.

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