Mobile Device Security

What is the Spectrum of Risk for your business mobile devices? Smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptops are ubiquitous across our personal and commercial lives, changing the way we communicate. This mobility gives us flexibility and increased productivity but it does leave us more open to a cyber attack or data breach?  So how do you balance the risk? Do you know if your mobile device network could be vulnerable? Would you like a complimentary, no-obligation Enterprise Mobile Risk Assessment for your business to help identify where you might be vulnerable?

Your mobile devices are vulnerable on a number of vectors such as via malicious apps, attack via insecure Wi-Fi or cellular network connections, through email phishing, malicious SMS messages or innocent actions by well meaning colleagues .

This compelling Spectrum of Risk film by Mobile Threat Defence specialists Lookout outlines what could so easily happen to any organisation that relies on unsecured mobile devices.

How vulnerable are your mobile devices? AVR

A complimentary Enterprise Mobile Risk Assessment (EMRA) from Lookout and AVR can identify where in your network your organisation could be vulnerable.  The EMRA works by matching Lookout’s Threat Intelligence with your Device and App Inventories to derive your Mobile Risk exposure. The EMRA will not only identify all of the Mobile App and Device threats, it will indicate where data may be leaking, not only violating the organisation’s security policy but also data protection laws, which with the forthcoming GDPR regulation could be a cause for concern.

The results of your EMRA will be delivered in a comprehensive report in a format that is ideal for sharing with colleagues or use as a business case.

Mobile security has moved to the forefront of the Information Security agenda. AVR are experts in mobile security, setting a standard in the industry by creating, delivering and managing a broad range of Mobility platforms from assessment, through to Helpdesk support and complex Mobile Device Management for some of the UK’s leading businesses.  AVR works with the leading mobility solution providers and is a premier Lookout partner.

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Any information collected by AVR will not be shared with any other organisation. AVR may use the information to send you communications on other related goods and services which may be of use to you.

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