Microsoft Intune or MobileIron?


Organisations considering making the move to a Microsoft bundle with Intune should take a close look as to what that means, including limits on security and operational flexibility that can slow growth plans for a modern digital workplace.

MobileIron has identified reasons why many Microsoft customers choose MobileIron to extend their security through a mobile-centric zero-trust approach.

End-user choice and experience matter

If providing employees device and app choice matters to an organisation as much as the seamless experience to access them, you look at the big picture differently. That’s why MobileIron provides a better approach. From the simplest onboarding to the best on-device experience, solutions that offer flexibility for productivity that affects the bottom line—make sense and address the needs of today’s modern digital workplace.

Allowing users to work from any device, using any app, from any location, over any network is key to the success of the Modern Digital Workplace. Only adaptive security will secure business data across any device and app that employees choose—without affecting the user experience.

This diagram shows the continuum of productivity and security in the workplace. The more advanced controls you have, the stronger your security as you head toward Zero Trust. The more apps and services that improve productivity, the closer you are to becoming a Modern Digital Workplace. The secure sweet spot is the upper right corner, optimising both as you head toward a Zero Trust Digital Workplace.


With Zero Sign-On, your mobile device is your ID and secure access for the enterprise—no more hassle of remembering and typing passwords or the breach risk they represent.

SEAMLESS ONBOARDING for iOS, Android, macOS, tvOS, and Windows10. Intune puts the burden on the end-user to get through the entire, non-intuitive enrollment flow. We estimate that it takes an admin expert 24 minutes to onboard one device using Intune, with MobileIron, end-users don’t have to go through cumbersome enrollment flows.


Demand all-in-one security: identity, device, app and data

For the highest security posture, companies demand that user and device authentication, device posture, app and data security are managed in a single product. You need a framework that will protect your data no matter where it is, or who owns the devices and services involved. This is where data containerisation and integrated threat defence capabilities—implemented on-device, closest to where the data lives—are critical.

Mobile-centric, zero-trust security closes the gaps when a secure access is determined by a “never trust, always verify” approach. It requires verifying the device, user, apps, networks and presence of threats before granting access— with constant enforcement.

MobileIron helps transform your device into your secure ID, enabling secure access to the enterprise. These critical capabilities lay the groundwork that Intune can’t fully support.

Where does Microsoft fall short today?

1. Addressing security and compliance requirements: The public sector and many regulated industries have stricter security and compliance requirements that they must meet. MobileIron supports many certifications that Microsoft currently does not support.

2. Protection with privacy: MobileIron’s per-app VPN provides a clear distinction between personal and work by surrounding only corporate apps, not employees’ personal ones. Microsoft currently does not have or include a VPN in their bundle.

3. Activation and protection: Because MobileIron is on-device, MobileIron Threat Defense is automatically activated when a device is enrolled for 100% adoption. Using a third-party mobile threat defence solution with Microsoft requires end-user activation, resulting in lower adoption rates.

4. More device, threat and network signals create higher zero-trust security: MobileIron provides a more robust conditional access for a zero sign-on experience with minimal friction to the end-user experience

MobileIron Ingrates with the Best of Breed Technology Partners

The Modern Digital Workplace needs to be able to choose the right tools and best-of-breed solutions to properly secure the way employees want and need to work. Integrating with these best of breed partners is critical.

Tighter integration with over 380 technology applications

• It’s critical that your security platform uses a standards-based approach and integrates with a wide set of IT systems that allows you to customise.
• Organisations that choose MobileIron UEM over Intune appreciate the tighter integration that MobileIron has created

The following are just a few of the major vendors with whom MobileIron has integrations:


Leading Identity vendors: Okta
Certified FirstNet network vendors: NetMotion Mobility
Service management tools: ServiceNow
Security information and event management tools: Splunk

None of these vendors has integrated with Microsoft Intune.

This whitepaper was written by MobileIron. You can view the full article here.



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