Wannacrypt ransomware

The media has been swamped with reports of the large scale Ransomware attack that broke on Friday 12th May. In the past, Ransomware was more about affecting single users but Wannacrypt (or Wannacry as it is also known) changed that and became the first Ransomware worm with the ability to search out other vulnerable computers and infect them.

Companies across the world were shut down and unable to work. Many today are working to restore systems from back-up and put their businesses back online. If you were not affected then that’s good news but without scaremongering, can you afford to remain unprotected against threats like this? Now is the time to act.

Standard anti-virus protection will not protect you against ransomware.  Many vendors claim their solutions protect against many forms of malware but new variants or zero day attacks can avoid detection.  Only SentinelOne guarantees that you are totally protected with its Complete End Point Protection solution.

Complete Protection?

As trusted advisors to over 200 major businesses and organisations in the UK, AVR takes its role seriously as independent experts on all forms of IT security.  As such, we will be running a series of webinars to pick through and analyse what happened and demonstrate just how easily this type of Ransomware spreads and affects multiple machines very quickly. Once we’ve established the threat we’ll then go on to show how we can prevent you falling victim and demonstrate complete EndPoint Protection using SentinelOne.

Our next webinar will be on Tuesday 16th May at 4.00pm and you can register by completing the form below.

Watch our Ransomware video

AVR has extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with the Ransomware threat.  We are a premier UK partner for SentinelOne.  Watch our brief video on the Ransomware threat.

Managed protection for smaller businesses

Smaller businesses and organisations with less than 200 Endpoints are often more vulnerable to malware and ransomware attacks as they do not have the systems or resources to protect themselves.  Attacks on such organisations can be catastrophic and affect the continued operation of the organisation.  A managed solution that allows you to continue to run your company as normal and give you complete peace of mind that all of your endpoints, data and network are completely protected is available form Custodian360.

Custodian360 was created by AVR to cater for smaller businesses, offering a complete managed protection service at an affordable cost.  Take a look at Custodian 360 here on the AVR web site or on it’s own Custodian360 domain here.

Register here for our SentinelOne Ransomware webinar which takes place on Tuesday 16th May at 4.00pm:

AVR Ransomware webinar - Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th May 2017 at 3.00pm and 4.00pm GMT

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