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Smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptops are ubiquitous across our personal and commercial lives, changing the way we communicate. This workforce mobility provides great flexibility and increased productivity but it does leave you open to a cyber attack or data breach.  So how do you balance the risk?  Join our webinar on Thursday 7th September and hear how you can safely use your mobile devices with protection from Lookout Mobile Security.

Malicious apps, attack via insecure Wi-Fi or cellular network connections, email phishing, malicious SMS messages, innocent actions by well meaning colleagues and a whole host of malware can open your networks and data to risk. We are all vulnerable and our reliance on mobile devices increases the chances of a network breach.

Take a look at this compelling Spectrum of Risk film by Mobile Threat Defence specialists Lookout which outlines what could so easily happen to any organisation that relies on unprotected mobile devices.

To help increase awareness, Lookout and AVR are hosting a valuable Spectrum of Mobile Risk webinar on Thursday 7th September at 11.30am and 4.30pm, which explores the subject of mobile security and its visibility.  We invite you to Register Here and hear how you can identify your risks and how you can mitigate them.

Is workforce mobility putting you at risk? AVR

To support the webinar, we have an informative white paper that provides further detailed information on protecting your valuable assets. To request your copy of the white paper, please complete this form.

Mobile security has moved to the forefront of the Information Security agenda and AVR who are experts in mobile security, are setting a standard by creating, delivering and managing a broad range of Mobility platforms from assessment, through to Helpdesk support and complex Mobile Device Management for some of the UK’s leading businesses.  AVR works with the leading mobility solution providers and Lookout Mobile Security is a key partner.

For further, no-obligation help and advice on the Spectrum of Risk for your mobile devices, call AVR on 01189 344 300 or email us here.