Ransomware attack

Here we go again!  Another major, global Ransomware attack has launched that is causing havoc and disruption to businesses and organisations across the world.  The cyber-attackers are demanding ransoms to release or unlock data, which in most cases will never be recovered.  There is an answer.  There is total and complete managed Endpoint Protection that will protect and detect against the threat.

AVR is running a Custodian360 webinar at 4.00pm GMT today, Wednesday 28th June, where we will talk about the current threat and examine the forensics of the attack that some are calling Petya and some are not! To register for the webinar, complete the form below and we will confirm your registration immediately.

Custodian360 from AVR is built on the proven Endpoint Protection platform from SentinelOne.  Custodian360 detects, protects, repairs and provides full recovery from Ransomware.

SentinelOne is currently the only “next generation” vendor to offer protection and full remediation in a single lightweight, autonomous agent. Moreover, they are the only vendor we are aware of that can say that none of their customers were affected by the recent WannaCry attack. That is some claim to be able to make but as SentinelOne’s only UK Managed Security Service Provider, AVR’s Custodian360 can also make that claim. With support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 it would seem to be the obvious choice for EndPoint protection given the current threat landscape.

Register here for our Ransomware webinar which takes place today, Wednesday 28th June at 4.00pm:

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