‘Apple tackles iPhone one-tap spyware flaw’ and ‘Apple boosts iPhone security’ headlines burst onto the headlines from all the major news media outlets on 26th August, communicating that hackers had found a way through Apple’s tough security.  The attack, identified by Lookout Mobile Security prompts us all to consider how secure our vital business mobile are.  Join the AVR webinar and find out how you can protect your devices.

Lookout, in association with digital privacy organisation Citizen Lab, uncovered an active threat using three critical iOS zero day vulnerabilities that, when exploited, form an attack chain that subverts even Apple’s strong security environment. The vulnerabilities which are called Trident are used in a spyware product known as Pegasus, which is highly advanced in its use of zero-days, obfuscation, encryption, and kernel-level exploitation.

Reports of the attack and the software update that Apple has released have been extensively reported across the media landscape and include amongst others, the BBC, the Mail Online and The Register.  The view from Lookout on the Pegasus attack is reported on the Lookout blog. iOS users are reminded that it is vital that the latest iOS software update 9.3.5 is downloaded and installed.

Founded in 2007 and focused exclusively on securing mobility, this attack demonstrates the effectiveness of Lookout’s solution, particularly as this is regarded as ‘among the most sophisticated endpoint attacks of any nature, mobile, PC or otherwise’ and reinforces the necessity to ensure that vital mobile devices are fully protected.

Should you be concerned that your devices may have been impacted by Pegasus, this Lookout Pegasus Impact Guidance paper is available to download.

To provide further support, advice and guidance, AVR invites you to join our webinar, Life after Pegasus with AVR and Lookout which will be held on Thursday 1st September at 14.00 hrs GMT.

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Lookout and AVR also offer free mobility IT health checks on request, which can help businesses identify vulnerabilities they may have within their mobile device estates.  Request your health check by calling the AVR Account Team on 01189 344 300 or email info AVR here.