The challenge for security software vendors is to create solutions that can monitor, identify and kill or remediate cyber attacks, keeping valuable data safe.  Most people, whether they are IT literate or not, know about the need for antivirus solutions and firewall protection, but cyber attackers have found ways to infiltrate networks through other routes such as through mobile devices, via apps and using malicious email.

As an independent IT security and mobility solutions provider, looking out for the customer in a complex market is vital to AVR. With the scale of cyber-attacks and data breaches reaching record levels, being able to provide the most comprehensive range of threat prevention services to our clients is an important part of our service.  So we have created a unique AVR New Tech team to ensure we become trusted experts in the new applications.

 New Tech expertise from AVR

The AVR New Tech team, led by New Tech Innovations Manager Kevin Baker, will analyse and evaluate all new security and mobility software solutions and select those that offer the most effective protection and support.

Currently there are three new products that AVR New Tech has approved: Lookout Mobile Security, Druva and Hexis Cyber Solutions.

Lookout works by predicting, detecting and remediating threats with visibility across your entire database.  With over 100 million sensors on devices across the world, Lookout’s Helix™ Security Engine identifies known threats and can predict zero-day attacks, maintaining compliance and managing risk. Lookout integrates with mobile device management programmes.

Druva protects critical data across endpoints, cloud and distributed servers.  Trusted by over 3000 organisations worldwide, Druva inSync backs up data regardless of device location or network quality. Druva provides central reporting with a single dashboard for data availability and information governance, reducing the risk, effort and cost of managing data.

HawkEye G from Hexis offers next generation endpoint security. Traditional antivirus alone is not enough protection; HawkEye G provides complete visibility into endpoint and network activity, validates threats and provides fast, automatic response with full reporting to meet compliance requirements.

 New Tech Health Check

Whether or you are an existing AVR customer or looking for information and advice on threat prevention, our New Tech team would like to offer you a no-obligation, health-check on your IT security and mobility status.  We want to help keep your business, network, data and mobile devices secure, protected and competitive.

Call the New Tech team on 01189-344 300 or email