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Now we’re not ones to scare monger but when the head of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre says that a major cyber attack on the UK is only a matter of time then that seems pretty serious to us! Ciaran Martin who runs the Security Centre suggests that the lessons learned from the malicious cyber activity in 2017 indicates that more cyber disruption is on its way.

So as a business owner or IT professional, what can you do to make sure you’re organisation is not in the firing line?

The National Cyber Security Centre grades cyber attacks on a ‘C level’ with C1 being the most serious, C2 and C3 less so. The NCSC’s figures for 2017 showed 34 C2 level attacks and 762 C3 level attacks. The big, high profile attack last year was WannaCry and whilst this caused major disruption, particularly to the NHS, it was graded as a C2 attack. A C1 attack would be a major assault on government, utilities or the election process for instance.

Mr. Martin suggests that ‘total protection’ is impossible and that organisations and individuals should have plans in place to ‘cauterise the damage’.  As an independent IT Security adviser, we see all of the threat protection solutions available and there is no doubt that some are more effective than others. Traditional Anti-Virus and Firewalls are vital means of offering some protection but they will not stop the more recent, sophisticated, advanced threats that are able to adapt as they develop, so additional protection is required.

Of all of the solutions we have seen, we believe SentinelOne offers the most effective and comprehensive threat protection. SentinelOne will detect, protect, remediate and recover your information, so essentially it will monitor your network, protect against any suspicious activity and destroy it.  If in the unlikely event that malware does get through, SentinelOne has the unique ability to ‘rollback’ and recover any infected or stolen data.

Last year, AVR launched a managed advanced endpoint protection service called Custodian360. This works on the SentinelOne platform and offers all of the same features and benefits, but Custodian360 manages it all for you. So if you have an over-stretched IT department or limited (or none!) in-house IT resource then Custodian360 will manage it, monitoring your network, stopping attacks and allowing you to manage your business with complete peace of mind.

We regularly run webinars that show how Custodian360 works and would be very happy to give you your own personal demo so you can see the solution in action, defeating ransomware before your very eyes! To request your demo, simply fill in the form below and one of the C360 team will get in touch and agree a time and date that works for you. The demo is free and there is no obligation to purchase.

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