Which business or organisation will be the next big name to hit the news due to a cyber attack or data breach?  Last year 74% of UK small businesses were attacked.  How are you securing the mobile data in your business?The opportunity for hackers and cyber criminals to gain access to an organisation through its mobile devices is sadly far too easy.

Mobile devices are now rightly commonplace as business tools.  The convenience, flexibility and ‘always connected’ attributes increase productivity and contribute significantly to the growth and development of many organisations and companies.  However, people use mobile technology in a different way to how they might use a desktop computer.  Because they are so familiar with the instant communication and accessibility of using mobiles, they can open themselves and their businesses to risk of a data breach.  Hacking into a mobile via an app for instance, can provide a simple route to the core of an organisation’s network.

Many companies have introduced Mobile Device Management (MDM) programmes, which allow users to use their personal or company-owned devices for business.  However, this may not provide a totally secure solution.  Many MDM programmes can stop or remediate a breach but the ideal is to be able to anticipate or predict a breach before it happens and causes disruption.

An excellent solution to this is through using Lookout, a unique, predictive intelligence software that provides visibility across an entire mobile database of apps, firmwares and device models.  Lookout can enable deep investigations into mobile apps and threats across geographies and vet home grown or independent software vendor apps before employee distribution.

As an independent IT security solutions provider, AVR is continually reviewing the range of available solutions and uses its knowledge and experience to match the right ones for each business or organisation.  We work with 400 customers with over 100,000 users, keeping their businesses secure. You can view some of our case studies here

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