The McAfee Anti-Malware Engine version 5800 is now available. The Scan Engine delivers comprehensive detection for all of today’s threats—not only those found in the field but also those that might become widespread at some point in the future.

New threats appear all the time, and many of today’s viruses, worms, and other threats travel at Internet speed—they strike fast and move quickly. So a scan engine’s ability to flag new, unknown pieces of malware is more important than ever. The 5800 Engine will succeed the current 5700 Anti-Malware Engine and includes the following improvements:

Detection and Performance Enhancements:

  • Enhancements to Portable Document Format (PDF) format to improve exploit detection capabilities
  • Improved handling of Windows Executable format
  • Improved unpacking of .NET, VBA, Shockwave Flash and generic unpacking improvements to detect more threats
  • Enhancements to live memory scanning in Windows for detecting and removing malicious processes, threads, files
  • Performance optimizations around initialization and scanning

Platform Enhancements:

  • New supported platforms: Windows 10, FreeBSD 10.x Solaris 11 for SPARC
  • End of Life platforms: IBM AIX 5.3, FreeBSD 7.x, Solaris 8 on SPARC and Linux Kernel 2.4

System Requirements

  • At least 512 MB of free hard disk space
  • At least an additional 512 MB of free hard disk space reserved for temporary files
  • At least 512 MB of RAM for scanning operations (1024 MB recommended minimum)
  • At least 1024 MB of RAM for updating operations

Current Release Schedule for the 5800 Engine:

  • AutoUpdate in Jan 2016
  • EOL of 5700 Engine on 29 Feb 2016

The 5800 Engine is available from the following location:

Additional information can be found here: