With the increased popularity of cloud based infrastructure McAfee have announced a new suite to help with the hybrid onsite/offsite integration of security management, mainly focused around Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

For those familiar with the licensing of public cloud infrastructure the pricing model is pretty similar, based around a model of CPU hours used and only paying for hours used. The below is Included in the bundle and you can use them as much as you like:

  • Data Center Connector – This will allow you to pull information about your cloud environment directly into ePO, push agents and install point products, think of it as a site to site VPN from your ePO server to your cloud infrastructure.
  • VirusScan for Windows and Linux
  • HIPS for servers
  • Application Control for Servers
  • Change Control for servers
  • McAfee are also currently working on a Firewall for Linux

It’s all based around server security and is not intended for a VDI environment, there is also the ability to encrypt an existing AWS volume which is a function that is not available natively.


This video shows you how quick and easy the data centre connector is to set up and includes trial download instructions. (~6 minutes)

Blog post by Andy Chaloner

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