Helen Hall

Helen is the founder of AVR and our Executive Chairman. Since starting the business in 2002 aged just 26, Helen has worked tirelessly to build AVR into the business it is today. With over 19 years of experience Helen continues to drive the company forwards, always ready to explore new technologies and solutions but never at the expense of client service.

At the end of March 2017, Helen started maternity leave, preparing for the birth of a much-wished-for little girl with her partner Ross and beautiful Isabella was safely delivered on 23rd April.

Helen appointed Sales Manager Nick Kellaway as Managing Director in her place.  She remains closely involved with AVR, advising, consulting, assisting with new business initiatives and helping to drive the business onto greater success.

Nick Kellaway

Nick joined AVR in 2014, heading up the Sales function and is a dedicated, hardworking member of the team with great people skills. .  With Helen Hall’s departure on maternity leave in April 2017, Nick was appointed as Managing Director. Nick has a BA Honours degree in Classics and History from Keele University and a Diploma in Computer Applications. Once the recipient of a marriage proposal after fixing a client’s computer system, when not at work (or being proposed to) Nick loves football, whether playing himself, supporting his beloved Spurs or living the game vicariously through his son.

Andy James

Andy has over 15 years of experience and a raft of qualifications including Cisco Certified Network Professional Security, Cisco Certified Security Professional and Adaptive Security Appliance Specialist. In January 2017, Andy conceived, launched and now directs Custodian360, AVR’s Managed Endpoint Security Protection service. So technically capable is Andy that he was once told to help himself to whatever he wanted in the warehouse after getting a large drinks retailer back online after a major incident. When not solving our client’s most complex problems, Andy can be found either out cycling or at home with his family.

Jo Wendland

Jo has 20 years’ experience as a recruitment specialist.  She’s worked in all kinds of environments from in-house roles for global enterprise organisations, to external roles in RPO, HR consultancy and tech start-up.  Her role at AVR covers all things people; from recruiting talent in to the team, to onboarding, HR practice and process, to training, development and coaching.  Jo brings to the team an instinctive love of people and a special interest in behavioural analysis.  Jo comes to work for a rest from her three young children.


Stephen Donovan

Stephen is responsible for the marketing and communications at AVR…or ‘colouring in’ as it is affectionately known!  With extensive marketing experience on both client and agency sides of business,  there’s not a lot of marketing he hasn’t created or been involved in, but he’s always eager to learn more and put his creative and writing skills to good use.  In his free time he loves spending time with his family, watching sport, listening to soul music and trying to keep fit.  Travel is also a big passion with New York being a much-loved city, just behind his favourite city – London!

Mary-Ann Politis

Mary-Ann, better known as Fred (but no-one knows why!), is AVR’s Sales Manager. Fred has been at AVR for over 5 years and has risen through the ranks from SMB sales exec to now running the busy AVR Sales Team. Her years of experience and knowledge of the solutions and people within IT Security is a great asset and she is loved by clients and colleagues alike, despite her cleanliness obsession and her unceasing cheeriness! She is  always bright and positive and definitely a ‘half glass full’ type of person – a perfect personality to have on the team.