Always-on smartphones and tablets are the new target for cyber criminals.  Is your mobile data really protected?

With so many mobile devices in use, your mobile data security is at risk and the threat of cyber attack is high.

Estimates suggest that 90% of email is now read on a mobile device and with over 92 billion free mobile app downloads worldwide the opportunities for cyber criminals are ever-increasing.  Even with high profile attacks in the media, many businesses and organisations are still not fully protecting themselves and the cost can be immense.  The attack on Talk Talk has cost the company £60m to date and the loss of 100,000 subscribers.

With so much malicious activity, it can be difficult for systems support staff to keep track on what is going on in the network. One solution is the Wandera Secure Mobile Gateway.  The Wandera SMG will protect against the full spectrum of mobile attacks and provide controls to help manage productivity and data bills.  With its excellent RADAR dashboard, you can now understand how and where your data is used and with this intelligence, make informed policy decisions.

To hear how the Wandera SMG can be the solution you need for your business, register for the AVR-Wandera Webinar which takes place on Thursday 10th March at 10.00am.  This brief webinar will give you the latest news on current mobile threats and outline how you can successfully manage your mobile device activity.

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