Mobile Device Security

Why do you need security on a mobile device?  The increased use of mobile devices in business substantially increases the chance of a data breach or cyber attack.  Businesses and organisations without effective mobile endpoint threat protection are gambling with the security of their networks and the future of their companies .

So how much at risk are your company mobiles? Now you can conduct a simple self-assessment with the smart new Lookout AssessMy tool, a quick, easy-to-complete survey, which will produce a report that clearly identifies where your network could be vulnerable.

Lookout AssessMy is a consultancy-based assessment tool, designed to help you identify the critical areas within your organisation where your network and data may be at risk.

Assess your Mobile Endpoint Security with AVR and Lookout AVR

By simply answering 20 questions in an online survey, which takes around 3 minutes, Lookout’s mobile security experts will analyse your processes and systems and produce a comprehensive report that will give you the information you need to help plan your threat protection strategy.  Take a look at how it works here.

AVR are experts in mobile security, leading the industry in creating, delivering and managing Mobility platforms from helpdesk support programmes through to complex Mobile Device Management for some of the UK’s leading businesses.

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