Data Compliance GDPR


Data Protection and Data Compliance are terms we now see and hear more than ever. As personal data increases in value as a commodity and becomes more attractive to those who wish to acquire it for either legitimate or illegal means, keeping your sensitive and confidential data safe and secure is critical. You also need to plan for the GDPR regulation that comes into force next year in May 2018. Hence this post headline of ‘Oh My Goodness…GDPR…What’s the Fine?!’  You thought that anyway didn’t you!

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is an EU regulation, similar to the UK’s Data Protection Act.  The old Act was drafted before the Internet and cloud data changed the way we use data. Now GDPR seeks to standardise and tighten the controls. With the UK’s exit from the EU gathering pace, you may feel it’s not as important now but if you wish to trade or do business with any EU organisation after next May, then you will have to comply with the regulation. It’s anticipated that following Brexit, the UK will also bring in its own data compliance regulation that mirrors GDPR.

So GDPR will regulate the way you manage, store, process and use all your personal data.  Your business will need to appoint a person to be responsible for the data and set up systems and policies to monitor and protect the data.  Failure to comply with the regulations can lay your business open to substantial fines based on your company’s turnover.

Whilst there are actions that need to be taken, its manageable with a plan and support and that’s where AVR can help.  We work with a number of IT security software vendors who have data compliance solutions that will assist you in getting the right processes in place.  Take a look at the AVR Data Compliance solution where you will find more information along with our Six Step Plan.

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