Compromised endpoints are the common element amongst the recent, damaging, high profile cyber attacks. Allowing more and more mobile devices to access a network opens the opportunity for attackers. HawkEye G® from Hexis Cyber Security is a comprehensive solution.

It’s not rocket science to announce that Endpoint vulnerability is a threat to an organisation’s network and data.  A quick internet search of cyber attacks will bring up a range of articles on businesses that have suffered damaging attacks, which have badly affected their profitability and reputation.  Finding a solution that will protect or prevent an attack to endpoints is critical to ensuring the safety of a businesses information technology assets.

Most organisations have some form of anti-virus protection which has a part to play but when it comes to endpoint protection, more is required.  Advanced persistent threats (APT’s) on endpoints are a favoured means of attack and anti-virus will not stop it. Some organisations have also used Sandboxing programs to help but some APT’s can now detect their presence and this technology is not 100% effective.

So AVR suggests you consider HawkEyeG from Hexis Cyber Security.  This will integrate into an existing security structure and will detect, verify and respond to any threat, even those that are unknown.  It will automatically remediate an endpoint without disrupting the user and without the need for a full system restore.  Hexis HawkEyeG can protect the endpoints of organisations of any size and can be managed by the smallest IT support function.

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