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Large and small businesses, hospitals, schools, state and local government, even law enforcement agencies – all targeted by Ransomware, an insidious malware that encrypts or locks valuable digital files and demands a ransom to release them. Now SentinelOne offers unique,  GUARANTEED ransomware protection.

The loss of sensitive or proprietary information or the inability to access important data can be catastrophic; the disruption to regular operations, financial losses incurred to restore systems and files, and the potential harm to an organisation’s reputation.

Ransomware has been around for a few years, but during 2015, the world saw an increase in these types of cyber attacks. In the first half of 2016, the number of ransomware incidents and the ensuing damage they caused have grown quickly, catching out businesses and organisations who have not prepared for these attacks in advance.

In a ransomware attack, victims can innocently open an email and click on an attachment that appears legitimate but which actually contains the malicious ransomware code. The e-mail might contain a legitimate-looking URL, but when a victim clicks on it, they are directed to a website that infects their computer with malicious software.

Once the infection is present, the malware begins encrypting files and folders on local drives, any attached drives, backup drives, and potentially other computers on the same network that the victim computer is attached to. Users and organisations are generally not aware they have been infected until they can no longer access their data or until they begin to see computer messages advising them of the attack and demands for a ransom payment in exchange for a decryption key. These messages include instructions on how to pay the ransom.  An organisation may choose to pay the ransom rather than risk the complete loss of sensitive data but paying the money deos not guarantee the data is returned and if it is, it may well be corrupt.

Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated, continually changing and challenging standard protection software. Several years ago, ransomware was normally delivered through spam e-mails, but because e-mail systems have got better at filtering out spam, cyber criminals turned to spear-phishing e-mails targeting specific individuals.

The FBI’s Cyber Division deputy chief has recently advised organisations not to pay ransoms as they ’embolden’ criminals and encourage others to start using ransomware. If your data is valuable and/or irreplaceable, it’s a difficult decision to walk away from it.

So how can you protect your organisation against ransomware?

SentinelOne’ Dynamic Behavioural Analysis engine identifies patterns and behaviours to detect, protect and block the attack.  In addition, SentinelOne has a full ‘rollback’ capability for file back-ups to a pre-execution state whilst removing all the offending malware, securing your valuable data.  SentinelOne is the first and only Next Generation Endpoint protection platform that not only successfully (over 99%) detects and protects against ransomware attacks, it guarantees that no ransomware attack will go undetected and cause irreparable damage and will reimburse customers covered by the SentinelOne Cyber Guarantee up to $1000 per infected endpoint.

AVR is the UK’s premier SentinelOne partner and we would love to introduce this exciting solution to you. We invite you to view one of these valuable SentinelOne & AVR whitepapers:

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AVR SentinelOne Advanced Endpoint Protection

SentinelOne 6 Things your NGEP Must Do

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