King Street Townhouse

Ransomware remains a major threat to ALL businesses and organisations, but what is it? How does it operate and how can you protect your company’s vital data and endpoints? Together with Endpoint Security specialists SentinelOne, AVR will explain how over drinks and canapes at the elegant King Street Townhouse on the evening of Wednesday 24th January. We would love you to join us!

Wannacry, Petya, Goldeneye are some of the high profile cyber attacks that have hit the headlines in 2017. Lesser known attacks have also been made against Debenhams, Wonga, Three and the NHS. But with 43% of cyber attacks aimed at small businesses, the everyday threat is potentially more serious to thousands of smaller organisations who are less likely to be able to protect themselves.

Cyber attacks come in many different forms – phishing, trojans, worms, etc., with Ransomware currently the high profile method of attack.  Traditional antivirus and firewalls are only effective against known viruses. The latest threats have the ability to adapt and change at will, so more advanced endpoint protection solutions are needed to provide complete protection.

From the many options available, SentinelOne offers the most effective protection against all types of attack.  With the ability to Detect, Protect, Destroy and Remediate against all form of attack including Ransomware, SentinelOne from AVR, or as a managed endpoint protection service from Custodian360 will ensure that your endpoints are completely secure.

Please join AVR and SentinelOne from 6.00pm on the evening of Wednesday 24th January at the King Street Townhouse in the centre of Manchester and hear from our cyber experts on where the threats are coming from and how you can protect your organisation from the disastrous consequences. Entry to this event is free with refreshments and canapes provided.

This event has now taken place.  We will be running similar events in future so please keep checking back on the AVR web site.

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