AVR Mobility Managed Service

The cost of business mobile device ownership often focuses on handset and airtime contract charges, but the true cost should include the considerable overhead of provisioning, supporting, managing, and securing the mobile estate.

If your business is running a substantial number of mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, Internet of Things – how are you coping with the increasing management demands? How much of your internal technical resource is dedicated to this and are you totally confident it has the knowledge, expertise and customer service skills to deliver the high level of performance your business demands?

A dedicated Mobility Managed Service can provide an improved service level, save money and get more from your mobile investment

The benefit to businesses from mobile device use is universally accepted; increased productivity, strengthened communications, speed of response, improved customer service, etc. With estimates that over 50% of the UK workforce will be working remotely by 2020 (ONS) and increased use of cloud-based storage and internet shared data, the value of mobile devices will continue to grow rapidly.

This increased mobility will require greater intensive management, imposing a growing burden on your in-house resources and increasing the security risk to your business.

Which is why outsourcing mobility management to a managed service supplier is a wise move. Not only will it free up the internal technical resource, it gives the task to mobile experts who are totally in tune with the technology.

AVR provides Mobility Managed Services to key organisations within the automotive, retail and services markets.  All these clients have substantial mobile device estates and need to ensure a qualified return on investment in performance, investment and security.

How can AVR help?

AVR’s Mobility Managed Service encompasses a broad range of key tasks, including:

  • New mobile device procurement advice and specification
  • Mobile Device Management and Security app advice and recommendations
  • Co-ordination of bespoke mobile app development
  • Provisioning of new mobile devices
  • Device replacement
  • Loan devices (iPad tablets/smartphones) for business continuity
  • Managing authorised repairs claims (such as AppleCare) on behalf or customers
  • Resolving hardware, software, connectivity and security issues
  • Secure dispatch of devices to users
  • Contacting users with out-of-date applications/OS versions and remotely updating
  • Remote technical support by phone and email
  • Troubleshooting and general usage advice
  • Full reporting suite including asset logs, service desk ticket volumes, duration and types

This broad range of tasks can eat up substantial amounts of time. For instance, if you have a fleet of say 200 mobiles, all requiring a software update, realistically that’s not only two entire days’ work for your technical team, it’s also two days of not being able to do much else.

To give you an idea of what AVR can do, take a look at these two examples of our Mobility Managed Service in action:

Save money and improve productivity on your business mobile devices AVR
Save money and improve productivity on your business mobile devices AVR

No-obligation mobility review

If you’re thinking about outsourcing or maybe not sure if its right for you, we’d like to help you decide. Our sales and tech mobility guys can review your current structure and future business plans and give you a free overview of your options. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To request your review, drop us an email at info@avr.co.uk or call 01189 344 300 and speak to one of our mobility team.

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