When Wandera first came in to tell us about their Secure Mobile Gateway product, we were amazed and knew we had to partner with them instantly.

Created by the same people who started ScanSafe, the Tuvey brothers have created another fantastic solution.

Initially Wandera was a great solution that cut mobile data usage by 30-60% via compression and policy setting, furthermore giving you the visibility and control over how the data was being used, all in real-time.

More recently Wandera have released their Secure product which provides innovative security on your mobile device. Wandera provide not one but two layers of security on your device in the form of their SmartWire and HeartBeat.

SmartWire works by collecting information from the device and then analyses and correlates this with the network scanners to provide real-time risk scores of individual threats and devices. The engine uses URL Reputation, Traffic Reputation and Code Reputation to determine if the code is unusual or malicious.

The second layer, HeartBeat works by informing you of any ‘leaky apps’, many of us are not aware that seemingly reputable apps are actually leaking our information across the web in the clear! Various well known apps which seem relatively safe have actually been found to leak personal information. Some apps may be doing this with no malicious intent, however there is nothing stopping your leaked data being intercepted by someone malicious at any time. Now armed with your personal details and possibly passwords, you and your company are at risk, as many users are known to share the same passwords for multiple personal and business log-ins.

Until now, no one has been able to monitor and protect devices in this unique way and I believe it is a complete game changer when it comes to security on devices. Add this to the already amazing View and Control functionality and the guarantee of savings on your mobile data bill, I can’t really find a reason why a company wouldn’t find this an incredible solution!

Blog post by Emma Quarterman